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Investing in Workforce Transition Improves Branding


As the work environment evolves and HR takes on a strategic role in the business, employers are providing career transition services, including outplacement, for all levels of employees. Increasing job-board and social-media platform use are increasing HR’s role in career transition services.

According to Mercer’s 2018 Global Talent Trends Study, digital workforce transition is a priority for the C-Suite: 95% of executives are planning structural changes to enable an agile organization in the coming year. These changes inevitably affect employees. New jobs are created and others are eliminated. This cycle of change is constant, so demand for services to assist employees in navigating their careers is on the increase. To make the transition as effectual as possible, employers are switching to workforce transition services that include virtual career coaches, electronic job postings, integrated social media and mobile enablement.

“Employers want outplacement services that are modern, robust and aimed at today’s employee,” said CareerArc’s chief marketing officer Yair Riemer. “It’s just good practice for employers to help job applicants with the next step in their career.”

According to Mercer’s 2018 Outplacement Survey, nearly three-quarters of employers (72%) offer outplacement services to employees who are terminated. Yet, just 4% rate their legacy outplacement services as industry leading or innovative.

Other findings of the survey include:

  • Outplacement is most prevalent among High Tech (87%), Energy/Mining (81%), Consumer Goods/Life Sciences (81%) and Banking/Insurance/Financial Services (78%) industries.
  • Employers that measure effectiveness do so by tracking utilization (30%), positive brand impact (6%) and cost (3%).
  • Nearly four out of five employers (79%) said they provide different lengths of outplacement services to different employee levels.

“Progressive firms that continue making investments in modern transition services are driving the workforce of the future by ensuring terminated employees receive the most effective assistance to evolve their careers” said Courtny Cloeter, partner and Mercer’s career growth leader. “These services are no longer just nice to have – they are an integrated part of a company’s core strategy.”


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