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Flexibility for Childcare Is a Priority for Most Organizations


Employers have been faced with many business and non-business decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the next one on the list is how they plan to support their employees with school-aged children.

WorldatWork’s “Back to School Support Quick Poll” found that most organizations (57%) are providing flexible work scheduling for parents with children returning to school. However, 20% of the 234 organizations that responded said they weren’t doing anything. Other ways employers are supporting their employees is through daycare assistance (7%), reimbursement for technology (6%), providing computers, tablets or other devices to support virtual learning (5%), providing homework help or tutoring services (3%), additional PTO specifically for childcare (3%) and 1% are reimbursing school-related transportation expenses.

The survey also revealed that the pandemic has created a new talent competitor for companies, as 21% of respondents said they’ve had employees leave their organization to focus on their children’s education needs.

“The definition of competition is shifting,” said Marta Turba, vice president of content management at WorldatWork. “Companies are competing with families for top talent. Perhaps one win-win option for employers is to emphasize alumni or boomerang programs that welcome back great talent when the time is right.”

Generally, organizations are cognizant of back-to-school issues their employees are facing, but only 6% indicated it was the most important issue at their organization. Roughly three-fourths (72%) said it’s somewhat of a priority or a high priority, but not a top focus item, while 23% indicated it’s not a priority.

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