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Inside Your Association

WorldatWork Premier members are invited to learn about the inner workings of your association through the reports and information provided on this page. Take a look at broad performance metrics, plans for future association projects and feedback solicited from members.

2015 Reports
WorldatWork Online Content Overview (October 2015)
WorldatWork Videos (September 2015)
2014 Course Offering Results (July 2015)
AWLP Work-Life Forum 2015 (June 2015)
Local Network Numbers (April 2015)
2014 Reports
WorldatWork Research By the Numbers (November 2014)
WorldatWork Advisory Council Update (October 2014)
WorldatWork 2014 Total Rewards Conference Infographic (October 2014)
AWLP 2014 Work-Life Forum (September 2014)
WorldatWork Status Update: Social Media (July 2014)
2013 Reports
Feedback: WorldatWork 2013 Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition (November 2013)
State of WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals: Credibility of Certifications and Exams Increase (January 2013)
2012 Reports
At WorldatWork, It's All About You (November 2012)
Feedback: WorldatWork Total Rewards 2012 Canadian Conference (November 2012)
Feedback: WorldatWork 2012 Spotlight on Sales Compensation (October 2012)
WorldatWork 2012 Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition Attendee Evaluations (August 2012)
WorldatWork Volunteer and Contributor Profile (April 2012)
2011 WorldatWork Advisory Council Accomplishments (March 2012)
WorldatWork Education and Certification Course Performance (January 2012)
2011 Reports
Changing Role of the Total Rewards Profession (November 2011)
WorldatWork 2011 Spotlight on Sales Compensation Attendee Evaluations (October 2011)
WorldatWork Governance Review Update (October 2011)
WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals State of the Society (October 2011)
WorldatWork 2011 Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition Attendee Evaluations (September 2011)
2010 Reports
Total Rewards in Brazil: Results of a Peer Discussion (August 2010)
Total Rewards in the Public Sector: An Opportunity for Integration and Communication (January 2010)