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Skill-Building Seminars

WorldatWork seminars are designed to help you strengthen your skills. Recognizing the busy schedules of today's profes­sionals, WorldatWork has designed our classes in traditional classroom and online formats so you can choose what works best for you. You can take the class with other students, or learn online either at your own pace or with the guidance of a facilitator.


Global Rewards Analysis — A Framework for Success


Advanced Excel Skills for Compensation Professionals
Advancing Your Modeling Capabilities with the Power of Excel - NEW
Analyzing and Automating Rewards Data with Excel Pivots and Macros - NEW
Compensation Fundamentals (CF)
Excel Dashboards: A How-to for Compensation Professionals
Excel Skills for Compensation Professionals
Excel Tips for Compensation Professionals
Exemption Tests in Practice (FLS)
Global Rewards Analysis — A Framework for Success
Global Rewards Strategy and Design
Pay Structures – Develop a Framework from Start to Finish
Pricing Critical Skills and Unique Positions (Competitive Market Pay)
Rewarding Talent Across Borders: Fundamentals
Rewarding Talent Across Borders: Policy and Strategy
Strategy and Design of Short-Term Incentives for Executive - NEW
Working Smarter and Faster with Excel Formulas, Charts and ASAP Utilities - NEW
Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Executive Compensation

Advanced Concepts in Executive Compensation
Determining Pay for Executives (Competitive Market Pay)
Principles of Executive Rewards
Reading and Interpreting Proxy Statements - NEW
Strategy and Design of Short-Term Incentives for Executive - NEW

Sales Compensation

Elements of Sales Compensation
How-to Create Excel Sales Dashboards for Sales Compensation Analysis
Pricing Sales Positions (Competitive Market Pay)
Sales Compensation Analysis Made Easy Using Excel
Sales Compensation Design — Developing Incentive Plans that Work
Sales Dashboards: Charting Monthly Consistency of Incentive Pay
Sales Dashboards: Comparing Incentive Pay to Base Pay
Sales Dashboards: Comparing Total Compensation to the Market
Sales Dashboards: Cost of Sales Analysis
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