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  About Us  

WorldatWork Organizational Strategy
(Updated September 2014)

WorldatWork advances the knowledge and careers of professionals who guide organizations to reward employees in ways that satisfy and engage them, and produce desired business results.

About Us
WorldatWork is an association for professionals and organizations that are focused on compensation, benefits, work-life effectiveness and integrated total rewards -- strategies to attract, motivate, engage and retain an engaged and productive workforce. WorldatWork is the trusted, credible source for comprehensive education, information, research, advocacy and community, and is committed to deepening expertise, enhancing careers of professionals and, ultimately, achieving better results for the organizations they serve.

Our Work

  • Knowledge: Equip individuals and organizations to more effectively attract, motivate, engage and retain employees; create and deliver education, resources and information; publish articles and books; conduct surveys and research
  • Professional Development: Conduct training classes, conferences and other events; certify practitioners
  • Issues Leadership: Facilitate and drive thought leadership; engage in public policy activities (educate and inform decision makers, in government and companies/organizations, who influence or control policies and practices affecting total rewards)
  • Professional Affiliation: Foster a community of peers; provide membership benefits.

Our Audiences
WorldatWork serves:

  • Professionals who perform total rewards work
  • Individuals who care about total rewards work
  • Organizations that care about total rewards work.

Our Operating Philosophy
WorldatWork is a mission-focused enterprise that embraces sound business practices to ensure financial strength and long-term viability. Experimentation, tenacity, operational excellence and constant re-evaluation of our value and relevance are core to our ongoing success. We achieve and maintain our premier status by:

  • Creating powerful collaborative relationships among our staff and volunteers, and with all our constituents
  • Holding ourselves -- staff, Board, volunteers, certification-holders -- to the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Constantly reinforcing our core values of integrity, mutual respect, fairness and the belief that work should be invigorating, satisfying and engaging.
  • Attracting, motivating, engaging and retaining the best talent to advance our mission and serve our customers.