Changing Work Environment, The: Building an Anywhere, Anytime Culture


The nature of the physical workplace has been fairly stable for many years. Today's cubicle worker often inhabits a physical space that seems familiar to an early 20th century clerk, yet many aspects of our lives have changed dramatically. Consider that mobile communication devices provide access to anyone in the world at any time of day. Online research tools provide answers to the most obscure questions in just seconds. Geography no longer limits our ability to join communities and create connections. And it is undeniable that our approach to work has been dramatically changed by the technologies we now use to perform that work. Our experience both of and in the world has changed, yet the world of work in which we spend most of our waking hours reflects a time that is decades old. It is time to consider the "work" part of our lives from a new perspective; it is time to examine where, when and how we work.



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