The World of Work Is Changing.
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A rapidly evolving workforce. Increased demand for rewards transparency. Intelligent automation of HR tactics. A need for reskilled talent and rewards.

The world of work is changing, and for employers to stay competitive in attracting, motivating, retaining and engaging the best talent, today’s total rewards professionals must understand what’s required. Everything rewards professionals touch is changing: from the way basic compensation and benefits functions are defined and delivered to the burgeoning programs and practices that will drive the workforce experience both today and into the future.

WorldatWork will address this changing landscape at its 2019 Total Rewards Conference and Exhibition, May 6-8, in Orlando. More than 1,500 rewards professionals will be onsite, and we’re looking for forward-thinking professionals who want to help shape the future of rewards.

Who We’re Looking For

Attendees at our annual event represent a diverse group of entry- through senior-level professionals from a variety of organizations and industries. Speakers at our event will reflect the same: We’re looking for presenters with diverse professional and personal backgrounds who can deliver unique perspectives in a colorful, engaging way.

The most successful calls for proposal will come from speakers who:

  • Drive innovation across the total rewards spectrum, from the most basic to the most cutting-edge programs and practices
  • Engage attendees through highly interactive conversations about issues of the day
  • Understand and know how to work within constraints (legal and otherwise) to identify what employers can offer that is attractive to both current and future workforces
  • Leverage their professional and personal experiences to educate and interact with attendees about the wants and needs of a changing workforce
  • Understand and relate to the challenges that total rewards professionals — those working in the trenches — face every day
  • Share insights into how today’s evolution of work will translate in the future.

What We’re Looking For

Sessions at the 2019 event will be framed around four distinct concepts:

  • Learn It: The fundamental concepts within the world of compensation and benefits will always be a mainstay. At the same time, automation, artificial intelligence and an overall shift in technological advances are changing how rewards professionals address these tried-and-true concepts. These fundamental sessions will address the basics, while adding a modern spin and providing attendees with actionable takeaways.
  • Solve It: Many attendees come to the conference with a common yet challenging issue in mind. In these solutions-focused sessions, presenters will address typical problems in the rewards professional’s life and spend time exploring solutions with attendees. Again, attendees will leave with actionable takeaways they can put into practice soon after the event.
  • Disrupt It: As the world of rewards changes to meet shifting workplace and workforce demands, there are organizations that are on the frontier of this work, breaking away from the limits of “this is how it’s always been done.” Presenters in these groundbreaking sessions will explore innovative concepts, case studies or research, and share practices and approaches that are just on the horizon.
  • Envision It: So much in the rewards professional’s daily life is neither black nor white, and life in the gray is challenging. Presenters of these mind-bending sessions will lead thought-provoking discussions that may raise more questions than answers, are perhaps predictive or speculative and focus on areas that aren’t well-defined. These sessions will open attendees’ minds.

What You’re Looking For

As interesting as conceptual thinking can be, we know details can drive direction on topics. Sessions should cover the areas of compensation, including executive compensation and sales compensation, benefits, and the workforce experience. Sample topics to consider include (in no specific order and not limited to):

  • Pay equity
  • Delivering fair pay
  • Rewards transparency
  • Gender pay gap
  • Salary history bands
  • Pay disclosure regulation
  • Executive compensation in private companies
  • Innovative executive compensation plan design
  • Engaging a contingent workforce
  • Modern recognition strategies
  • Rewards next practices
  • Job architecture
  • Debt repayment
  • Using workspace design as a reward
  • Analytics into insights
  • Storytelling
  • Performance management techniques for today and tomorrow
  • Creative rewards differentiation strategies
  • Innovations in TR communications
  • Employer/HR branding
  • Rewards strategies for a tight labor market and hot jobs
  • Purpose-related benefits
  • High-deductible health plans
  • Preparing younger generations for leadership
  • Using health care to stand out as an employer of choice
  • Improving employees’ total rewards experience
  • Automating HR tactics
  • Machine-learning/robotics and the new workforce
  • Re-skilling talent and rewards for the future
  • Culture, culture, culture
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Talent plan for a changing workforce

Typical conference sessions are 60 minutes in length, and there are between 50 and 250 seats per session, depending on room capacity.

Selected speakers will receive complimentary conference registration, so you can attend sessions and network with peers. If you’re a practitioner, an academic or work at a nonprofit organization, you’ll also get up to two nights at the host hotel. (Consultants and service providers are not eligible for lodging reimbursement.)

In addition, you’ll receive visibility and recognition as a thought leader, not to mention the opportunity for you to meet your professional goals.

What You Need to Submit

  • Session title: Keep it short, sweet and interesting.
  • Proposal descriptions:
    • Full description (650 words, max): Thoroughly discuss what your proposed session will cover and what attendees will learn. Use this to generate interest, focus on what’s relevant to the event concepts, and be clear and concise.
  • Learning points (150 words, max): Clearly state three learning points/valuable takeaways for attendees.
  • Speaker details: Name, title, company, email, phone number, job type (practitioner, academic consultant, service provider).
  • Speaker biography (50 words, max).

All accepted submissions are subject to internal editing by WorldatWork staff.

The call for proposals for the 2019 Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition is now closed. Next call for proposals will be in Fall 2019.

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