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Work-Life Seal of Distinction

The WorldatWork Work-Life Seal of Distinction recognizes employers who demonstrate leadership in creating a culture that supports employees at work and at home. Seal of Distinction recipients are organizations that set the standard for balancing work and personal time. As a result, their earned reputation as a great place to work helps attract top talent, who in turn help the organization reach or exceed its goals. It truly is a win-win situation for employees and organizations.


Recipients vary widely by sector and industry, but they share one universal characteristic: All are forward-thinking organizations that look beyond cultural, demographic and institutional boundaries to continually create new ways to enrich the lives of employees while achieving business goals. Past recipient organizations include:

  • Corporations
  • Government agencies
  • Academic institutions
  • Labor organizations
  • Work-life service providers
  • Consultants
  • Collaborations between service providers or consultants and employers
  • Nonprofits and community-based organizations.


The WorldatWork Work-Life Seal of Distinction is determined by the overall strength of your organization's work-life portfolio and success in creating positive work environments. Applicants are evaluated on work-life programs, policies and practices reflected in:

  • Caring for dependents
  • Health and wellness
  • Flexibility
  • Financial support and education
  • Paid and unpaid time off
  • Community involvement
  • Workforce experience and engagement.

Programs, policies and practices are weighted on several factors, such as the complexity of implementation, required organizational resources and perceived breadth of access.

Application Process

  • There is no fee to apply.
  • Applications for the 2017 Seal of Distinction will be accepted online in the fall of 2016.
  • Watch here for more information coming soon.

The Call for Applications is now closed.

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