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WorldatWork Local Networks: Building Momentum for Impact

Early this year, WorldatWork’s leaders set a priority to significantly increase the success of its local networks and the TR professionals they support while building a more cohesive and impactful professional association. 

To achieve this goal, WorldatWork conducted a survey with its local networks in August while we were finalizing the development of our comprehensive strategy and tools.  Our survey was met with a resoundingly successful response rate from our networks with a 71% participation rate. The survey was designed to gauge strengths, challenges, satisfaction levels and best practices, which will be shared to help strengthen our local networks. It is abundantly clear that our priority to support our local networks is welcomed by an enthusiastic audience. 

So, what did we learn? 

In terms of affiliation, primary reasons for affiliation with WorldatWork are our certification programs, reputation within the TR community, educational opportunities and revenue sharing opportunities. The current satisfaction level with WorldatWork affiliation was measured at 74%. While not quite as high as we’d like, it’s a strong baseline from which to develop.

As to how our networks viewed their performance, 89% felt their programming was done extremely well/well, 78% rated their networking opportunities as done extremely well/well, 72%  saw their member retention as performing extremely well/well, 57% reported member recruitment and engagement as done extremely well/well, and 56% reported leadership recruitment and succession planning as done extremely well/well. Their requests to WorldatWork for greater support include marketing support to recruit new members, building practices to achieve greater member engagement, facilitating quality programming and continuing expansion of members’ professional development.

What have we been up to?

In anticipation of most of the needs communicated by our local networks in the survey (which served to validate our perception), this summer we began a focused and intensive effort to build an array of strategies and library of tools to support local networks that have an interest in building greater connectivity with WorldatWork. Detailed toolkits on the horizon include those to:

  • Recruit, engage and retain members for greater network vibrancy and fiscal strength;
  • Recruit, equip and retain Board members for greater leadership capacity and achievement;
  • Successfully start, build and manage a local network and its Board of Directors; and
  • More easily source innovative presentations by engaging and accomplished presenters.

WorldatWork is excited and firmly committed to supporting the development and success of our volunteer leaders, networks and TR professionals around the globe. We understand and appreciate the significant and valued commitment our Local Network Board members contribute to help us enrich our profession’s successes and future. We have to be in this together to thrive and WorldatWork is all in! 

In 2020, our 65th anniversary year, we’ll be providing many reasons to celebrate together, including a whole new collection of resources to make volunteer leadership easier and a greater pleasure while leading to best practice accomplishment.

If you have a serious interest in developing your leadership strengths while furthering the success of the TR profession, please let us know. We’ll do our best to connect you with our local network staff and nearby peers where a local network already exists or where there may be momentum to develop a network.

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