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Workers Stressed Ahead of Vacation

Summer travel season is in full swing, which means the office is a little more desolate than usual. However, a survey from Wrike finds that workers in the United States aren’t exactly enjoying their much-anticipated time off.


The research found that a majority of people through all generations are more stressed before taking their vacation (79%).

Recently, the World Health Organization announced that burnout —  a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed — is an occupational phenomenon. With this, a focus on how companies encourage or discourage vacations for a mental break, as well as a physical one, is under scrutiny.

Wrike’s survey explored the importance of taking a mental break and the three phases of vacation — pre, during and post — and how it’s imperative to have a support system, including the right collaboration software to prepare employees for vacation so that they are confident and at ease about leaving work at work.

Wrike’s survey also explored if people of different generations or gender can resist the temptation of working while on vacation when away and not get dragged back into work; and if they come back to a relatively non-stressful atmosphere when they return so they don’t feel like the need a vacation from the vacation. Key findings include:

  • A majority claimed tools/applications prepare them and their teams while they’re on vacation (very and extremely): 76% Gen Z/60% Millennial/64% Gen X/60% Baby Boomers.
  • A majority are only slightly or not at all stressed coming back to work after vacation: 71% Gen Z/50% Millennial/55% Gen X/67% Baby Boomers.
  • Gen Z is the least stressed generation returning from a vacation: 71% saying only “slightly” or “not at all.”
  • Baby Boomers and Gen Z commonalities:
    • Most Gen Z (76%) and Baby Boomers (60%) cohorts said they felt that tools/applications helped them and their teams prepare them to be on vacation;
      • As opposed to only 5% of Baby Boomers and 10% of Gen Z who said “not at all.”
    • Both generations are less stressed after returning from vacation as opposed to Millennials and Gen X who are more stressed;
      • Gen Z (29%) and Baby Boomers (32%) report being less stressed compared to 50% of Millennials and 44% of Gen X who reported feeling “very or extremely” stressed post-vacation.

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