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Women Professionals Report Gender-Biased Workplace


Efforts to make the workplace a gender-equal environment apparently have a long way to go.

A Korn Ferry survey found that 40% of female professionals said they’ve missed a promotion opportunity simply because of their gender. 42% of the 738 female professionals surveyed said a gender pay gap is the most important issue while 25% said lack for promotional opportunities is the top issue.

A hostile work environment still exists at many workplaces, as 45% said they have been sexually or verbally harassed at work. What should women professionals do to succeed in the workplace? Nearly half (44%) of the respondents said to develop a strong network, nearly one- third (32%) said to have confidence and 18% said to showcase accomplishments to key leaders.

“The survey underscores the continued need for action around the important issues and challenges facing women in the workplace,” said Jane Stevenson, global leader for CEO succession and vice chairman of Korn Ferry. “My best advice for women in the workplace is to be confident and passionate. If you want the job, be the job before you even receive the promotion.”

The survey also asked what the biggest challenge was for women in leadership positions in the workplace. 38% said being treated equally, while 25% said getting respect from peers and 22% said advancement. When asked if raising a child hurts career advancement, 45% said yes.

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