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Tech Companies Stand at the Forefront of ‘No Layoff’ Pledges


The tech industry is known for being ahead of the curve, and for good reason. Many companies in the industry are responsible for innovative products that advance our society in both work and leisure.

It’s an industry that is flush with big ideas that have changed how we connect, work, travel, shop and even exchange money. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that many of the organizations that promised their employees no layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic are in the tech industry.

The list of companies guaranteeing ongoing employment include companies like SalesForce, Cisco, Nvidia Corp., ServiceNow, PayPal, Marvell, among others. Tech is far from the only industry promising no layoffs — many financial companies have made similar pledges. However, the tech industry has certainly been at the forefront of this “no layoff” campaign.

The quotes from executives at these companies all have the same general theme, but ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott’s point was particularly salient.

“We want our employees focused on supporting our customers, not worried about their own jobs,” McDermott said. ServiceNow is one of the few companies that has pledged no layoffs for the rest of the year while also announcing that it’s planning to hire people as well.

ServiceNow also announced it’s taking part in a program called People+Work Connect with Accenture, Lincoln Financial Group and Verizon. The program acts as an online employer to employer clearing house for these companies to hire employees laid off or furloughed by other companies. ServiceNow said it will post 800 jobs through this channel.

While each company’s situation is different, it’s noteworthy how many tech companies have decided to protect jobs amid the pandemic. In a column for Bloomberg, Tae Kim writes that promising job security engenders loyalty from one of a companies’ most important assets: human capital.

“Future and current employees will remember how they were treated during the crisis,” Kim writes. “And by standing firm for their workers, the companies will be able to hire and retain the best talent going forward.”

What’s more, the organizations that are guaranteeing job security to their employees are no doubt seeing an uptick in productivity compared to businesses that have had to lay off portions of their workforce.

“It’s simply human nature,” Kim notes. “When people get worried over job security, the culture tends to grow more toxic. Instead of teamwork and collaboration, employees start to focus on internal politics and everything becomes a zero-sum game. Instead of taking smart risks, serving customers and building better products, workers play not to lose.”


Kroger Making Best of Supply Chain Issues
The Kroger grocery store chain is taking donated excess raw milk normally sold to restaurants or hotels, which is now going to waste, and pays for the packaging and processing in order to provide a nutritious food source for communities in need. The effort also helps support dairy farmers struggling to find enough demand for their supply — especially now that schools are closed. In partnership with its dairy cooperative, with suppliers and farmers across the Midwest and South, Kroger will use its facilities in Texas, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio to process and donate about 200,000 gallons of additional milk to Feeding America food banks and community organizations through the end of August.

Green Circle Growers Donate Flowers to Frontline Health-Care Workers
Green Circle Gowers of Ohio honored America’s health-care workers by donating $1 million in orchids to frontline caregivers in seven markets significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Tampa and its home base near Cleveland. More than 50,000 orchids will be delivered to those on the frontline at hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, food banks, and more.

JetBlue to Honor 100K Health-Care Workers with Free Flights
New York-based JetBlue airline is donating pairs of roundtrip flight certificates for 10,000 health-care workers at the Mount Sinai Health System, including their Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island campuses. Additionally, JetBlue is calling customers to thank the health-care heroes in their life by nominating them for a chance to receive one of 90,000 pairs of roundtrip flight certificates for two to use when the time is right. Customers can begin submissions today.  

Nike Donating Footwear
Nike is donating Air Zoom Pulse footwear to frontline health-care workers in Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Memphis, Milan, New York City, Paris and all across Belgium. The company will donate 32,500 pairs of the shoe, which will total $5.5 million.  

Lowe’s Steps Up for Mother’s Day
Lowe’s partnered with local nurseries to deliver $1 million worth of flower baskets nationwide to aging moms in senior homes with quarantines that restrict visitors. The baskets were delivered to more than 500 long-term care and senior living facilities in New York, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Miami and more.

Mattel Launches Health-Care Action Figures
Toy giant Mattel is launching a collection of Fisher-Price action figures to celebrate “everyday heroes” on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, including medical workers, grocery store employees, and delivery drivers. Proceeds from toy sales will go to front-line workers.

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