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Report: HR Professionals in Singapore Feeling Burden of Pandemic Stress

A key concern for employers throughout the pandemic has been the health and well-being of their workforce. However, this shouldn’t occur at the detriment of their own emotional well-being.


This is has been the case in Singapore, as a survey by JobStreet of recruiters and HR decision-makers found that one in three leaders are unhappy at work amid COVID-19.

Since the start of the crisis, the number of leaders satisfied with their jobs dropped to just 54%, from 87% in pre-pandemic times. JobStreet’s findings may be unsurprising to some as 2020 continues to keep HR burdened with the critical role of helping organizations navigate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The survey found that HR leaders’ top complaints and concerns during the pandemic are:

  • Organizational financial health,
  • Employee well-being,
  • Staff engagement.

The survey found that two in three leaders remain worried about their revenue, profitability and cash flow. This is especially hitting local small business owners hard. And as workplace well-being continues to take center stage in 2020, half of leaders said the negative impact of COVID-19 ‘weighs heavily’ on them.

The report found that being the bearer of bad news, like layoffs and pay cuts, have left them psychologically drained. Grappling with manpower issues such as hiring freezes have also left a negative impact on leaders (47%).

Meanwhile, following the stressful urgent requirement to set staff up to work from home (78%), two in five leaders said they’ve had difficulty maintaining engagement of remote workers. They listed challenges like a lack of physical interaction and productivity issues.

Before helping others, leaders should prioritize their own well-being first, said Chew Siew Mee, country manager at JobStreet Singapore.

“Employers have to shoulder the responsibility of leading their companies through the pandemic, and that is a tall order in itself,” Chew said. “It is thus important that they take good care of themselves first, so that they can more effectively fulfill their leadership duties.”

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