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Finding #Resilience to Thrive in These Bewildering Times

April 24, 2020 — When you write a “From the Editor” column a good five weeks before the magazine issue is published — and you’re in the middle of a global pandemic that feels like an unprecedented crisis — you realize that a dateline or timestamp is absolutely necessary. A crystal ball just ain’t gonna cut it.

I have no idea what your company is facing this summer. You may be down half your employee population because of layoffs. Perhaps you’re retooling and reskilling your workforce. You may be considering an alternate career path or you may be elevating your game and stepping up as a leader.

None of us is sure what the future holds for the economy or our organizations. If you’re fortunate, your company may have several revenue streams at different stages of the product and services lifecycle. Your executive team may be looking at a hard pivot on your deliverables. Your goals may be unrecognizable from Q1. 

The way work actually gets done has fundamentally changed in 2020. Consequently, each of us has a Darwinian-like duel in front of us: adapt or perish. That may sound extreme, but the truth is we shouldn’t take anything for granted anymore.

The lineup of features in this issue of Workspan provides another universal truth: Life marches on post-COVID-19.

Motivation remains a linchpin to any individual, team or group success. (See the cover story.) Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria should directly tie to sustainability efforts. One way to tie them is to assess and measure how you pay your executives. (See “The Fabric of Your Company.”)

Getting to the root of pay inequities and learning how to weed them out remains a significant societal challenge. No matter if we’re in the middle of a pandemic or riding high on Wall Street, eliminating pay gaps should remain a top priority for the sake of integrity and fairness. (See “The Root of the Problem.”)

Given the paradigm shift to telework and creative virtual solutions, tech talent is in high demand. Your company’s grasp of all things digital will be the difference between surviving and thriving. (See “Success Among the Stars.”)

Artificial intelligence (AI) may not help us become better humans. But Pulitzer Prize-nominated financial journalist and corporate historian Russ Banham submits that AI can help us determine the level of engagement at our organizations by digging deeper into employee feedback. (See “Beyond Total Rewards.”)

Lockdown or no lockdown, we all need to find what gets us out of bed in the morning. We all need to harness the energy forces that drive us to succeed.

Our definition of success may not be the same, but our core beliefs preserve and strengthen us. May you find the resilience needed to adapt to these bewildering times.

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