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“Journey to the Center of Pay Equity: Using Technology to Improve Transparency” by Stefan Gaertner, Ph.D.

In the past, employees were discouraged from discussing their salaries and compensation. It was considered unseemly. Today, that discretion is harder to maintain as a new generation of tools — and workers — is providing increased transparency. As a result, employers are pressured to shift their focus to fulfilling the demands of the educated worker and providing more information around pay and opportunities. For example, crowdsourced compensation data is easily found online and has substantially increased in volume over the past three years.

It isn’t just new employees or potential candidates who are using the technological tools available to determine their worth in the workplace. Long-time employees are also looking at where they stand in the marketplace and what kind of pay equity exists within their firms. So, what is an organization to do to address these changes and this move toward more transparency?

“Leveraging Technology: Tackling Pay Equity from Day One” by Kevin Ambuehl, Erin Berg and Becky Hartman

Pay equity starts at the pay offer. But it can be difficult to ensure that an offer is both competitive and equitable. This is how Mayo Clinic took on that challenge.


“Accountability in a #MeToo World” by Neta Meidav

The #MeToo and TIME’S UP movements have forced organizations to be more accountable when it comes to harassment and discrimination claims. But it all starts with building the right culture.

Women’s Advancement

“Onward & Upward: The Benefit of Women’s Advancement Initiatives” by Jim Fickess, WorldatWork

Pay equity doesn’t end at compensation. It also requires a willingness to develop, support and advance your talent. See how organizations like Merck & Co. do it.

Paid Parental Leave

“Envisioning Paid Parental Leave” by Stephanie N. Rotondo, WorldatWork

Paid parental leave programs are on the rise, even without a federal mandate. But there’s more to be done to ensure an equitable future for all.

“Demystifying Your Parental Leave Practice” by Lindsay Lloyd

Creating a good parental leave program is not only necessary for attraction and retention, but it can also help your organization avoid perceptions of pay inequity.

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