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All Paws on Desk, Complete with Treats and Wet Kisses

Bolt, CFE (Crumb Finder Extraordinaire), VGB (Very Good Boy) 

WorldatWork promotes a dog-friendly atmosphere at the office. Many pups have entered the friendly confines in Scottsdale, and one of the most frequent visitors is Bolt. Bolt is a 10-month-old Whippet who belongs to Suzanne Klausner, manager of learning technologies. He’s become an integral part of the team and has the tail(s) to prove it.

Q: If you have to choose one — belly rubs, head scratches or long walks — which one and why?
A: I love long walks. I am a high-energy dog and I love to exercise.

Q: What’s your favorite day of the work week and why?
A: Any day that I get to go to work is a great day for me! Whenever I arrive, it’s all paws on desk.

Q: Where is your favorite spot in the WorldatWork offices and why?
A: I love to hang out on my bed under my person’s desk because it’s where I feel most at home.

It’s a ruff life for WorldatWork doggies. From the top: Kira joins her person, Kristen Steinmetz, event manager, at work; Lucky does tricks for his person, Ken Farrell, product manager; and Biggie keeps a watch while Workspan contributing editor Brett Christie types away.

Q: What’s the most fun you’ve had at work?
A: One day when I was a little puppy and just learning how to be a #DogatWork, I grabbed my favorite toy, snuck away from my person, and ran as fast as I could around the office. That was a BLAST!

Q: Which part of the office has the most crumbs?
A: You might think it’s the lunch room, but I find the most amazing goodies in the nooks and crannies around everyone’s desks.

Q: If WorldatWork were to hire a cat in your department, how would you react?
A: Cat... hmmm... not sure what that is. Is that a type of dog?

Q: You were featured on WorldatWork’s social media channels a couple months back. Have you let that media exposure go to your head?
A: It’s ruff being a celebrity, but I think I handle it well.

Q: What’s your favorite part about coming to work?
A: Mostly I enjoy being with my person, but I love everyone’s attention and the park near the office.

Q: After a long day at the office, what do you do to relax when you get home?
A: A long walk and some toy time with my peeps.

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