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June 2002
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Benefits Basics that Won’t Break the Budget
By Jeffrey L. London, Esq., Sachnoff & Weaver Ltd.

Front Page
Keeping Your Grass Greener: Retaining Key Employees During Reorganization
By Andrea Healey, WorldatWork
Comdisco’s retention program used monetary incentives to keep key employees on board during organizational upheaval.



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Bearing Down After a Bull Market
By Edward J. Speidel, CCP, CBP, CEP, and Deb Bilak, CCP, CBP, CEP, Buck Consultants Inc.
Compensation decisions made in the 90s are forcing total rewards professionals to re-think their business strategy during economic extremes.

Employees Learn Dual Roles
By Robert Lyn Scott, Cox Communications, and Andrea S. Deeb, Towers Perrin
Cox Communications successfully shifted its work force to a sales culture by using a total rewards strategy.

Pay Differentials Hit Employees Where They Live
By Andrew Klein Ph.D., Mercer Human Resource Consulting; David G. Blanchflower, Ph.D., Dartmouth College; and Lisa M. Ruggiero MBA, Mercer Human Resource Consulting
Pay varies depending upon location and cost of living in U.S. cities nationwide, whether it is for jobs paying $20,000 or more than $250,000.

The ABCs of Cafeteria Plans
By Martin Levy, PFF Bank & Trust
With a little education, employers and employees can enjoy the long-term benefits of a well-implemented cafeteria plan.

Insights to Managing an Age-Diverse Work Force
By Dee Hansford, Dee Hansford Consulting
The more adept companies become at managing across the generations, the more productive the workplace will become.

Absence Management: Techniques for Reining in Costs
By Kevin McCarthy, UnumProvident Corporation
Companies can select from a variety of strategies that will monitor and measure employee absences, and help reduce the effects of lost time on the bottom line.

Recognizing a Trend
By Albert S. Schlachtmeyer

Capital View
Enron Update: Congressional Action Swift on 401(k) Reform
By Ryan Johnson, WorldatWork

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