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Test Your Knowledge

Total Rewards

Total Rewards Management (Course T1/GR1) Take Quiz
Accounting and Finance for the Human Resources Professional (Course T2) Take Quiz
Quantitative Methods (Course T3/GR2) Take Quiz
Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management (C3E) Take Quiz
Strategic Communication in Total Rewards (Course T4/GR9) Take Quiz
International Remuneration – An Overview of Global Rewards (Course GR7) Take Quiz


Regulatory Environments for Compensation Programs (Course C1) Take Quiz
Job Analysis, Documentation and Evaluation (Course C2/GR3) Take Quiz
Base Pay Administration and Pay for Performance (Course C4/GR4) Take Quiz
Business Acumen for Compensation Professionals (Course C8) Take Quiz
Variable Pay — Improving Performance with Variable Pay (Course C12/GR6) Take Quiz
Market Pricing — Conducting a Competitive Pay Analysis (Course C17/GR17) Take Quiz
International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals (T7) Take Quiz


Regulatory Environments for Employee Benefits Programs (Course B1) Take Quiz
Retirement Retirement Plans — Design Considerations and Administration (Course B2) Take Quiz
Health and Welfare Plans — Plan Types and Administration (Course B3) Take Quiz
Health and Welfare Plans — Strategic Planning and Design (Course B3A) Take Quiz
Benefits Outsourcing — Selecting, Contracting and Managing Service Partners (Course B12) Take Quiz


Introduction to Work-Life Effectiveness (Course W1) Take Quiz
The Flexible Workplace (Course W2) Take Quiz
Health and Wellness Programs (Course W3) Take Quiz
Organizational Culture Change (Course W4) Take Quiz


The Test Your Knowledge questions are intended to provide a small sample of the information covered in a particular course. Passing these tests should not be considered an indicator that you also will pass the related certification exam. No portion of this document may be reproduced in any form without express written permission from WorldatWork.