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Overarching Charter for Advisory Councils

Title: Advisory Council Member

Purpose:Serves WorldatWork as strategic thought leaders, and are comprised of members who are collaborators and catalysts for action representing their specific knowledge area and total rewards. Serves as an advocate for the profession and the organization.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Identifies, articulates and prioritizes the issues, topics and challenges affecting the total rewards profession
  • Identifies "best in class" developments within the appropriate context and potential impact on the profession
  • Assists the association to better understand our markets and customers, helping to determine best approaches to reaching and engaging key audiences
  • Identifies other subject-matter experts and knowledge leaders who can support the organization in a variety of ways and expand the organization's reach and influence
  • Represents the interests of the profession and is an advocate for the WorldatWork
  • Strives to ensure connection of committee activity to WorldatWork's mission, strategy and objectives
  • Participates in meetings, conference calls, task teams, and other activities to the fullest extent possible

Advisory Council Chair (additional responsibilities)

  • Provides strategic focus, serving as the leader of the advisory council team
  • In partnership with the Staff Liaison, establish specific goals and expected outcomes for the year
  • Presides at meetings and leads conference calls of the Advisory Council
  • and leadership to the group relative to the interest area represented by the Advisory Council
  • Advocates for the interests of the Advisory Council
  • Assist staff liaison with succession planning

Qualifications (or selection criteria):

  • Senior-level practitioner (Director or Higher) or senior consultant in a total rewards profession
  • Thought leader with minimum ten years of professional experience in HR related functions, with increasing responsibility for strategic development, programs and functions
  • Variety of industry experience, both as a specialist and generalist with experiences representative of membership make-up
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Recommendation by WorldatWork leadership & governance required
  • WorldatWork designation (CCP, CBP, GRP, WLCP, CSCP, CECP, ACCP, MCCP) preferred

Time Commitment

  • Attend annual in-person advisory council meeting, typically (1) per year, held in conjunction with the WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference; an additional meeting may be called
  • Participate in advisory council calls (4-6 per year)
  • Respond to requests, via e-mail and phone, for feedback and input on a variety of items, such as research & surveys, comment letters, and other WorldatWork activities

Volunteer Benefits

  • Give back to the profession: Opportunity to share professional expertise, insights, and experiences to develop emerging professionals.
  • Help guide the association's strategy: Help guide the direction of the world's premier association in compensations, benefits and total rewards
  • Work with your peers: Experience valuable networking opportunities with your peers in the profession
  • Engage in strategic dialogue about the profession: Participate in robust discussions about total rewards strategies to attract, motivate and retain employees; help fellow Advisory Council members and WorldatWork staff identify and articulate trends that will shape the total rewards profession in the future; and assist the association in capitalizing and responding to these trends
  • Focus on the profession: Participate with the knowledge that WorldatWork values your time and expertise. The association carefully crafts Advisory Council responsibilities and agendas to utilize your expertise in the profession
  • Sharpen your leadership skills: Participate in committee work and sharpen your business leadership skills in a supportive environment

Staff Liaison

  • Serves as the staff lead and partner with the Advisory Council Chair
  • Ensures that the group has administrative support to accomplish its objectives; ensures that the group meets regularly; and oversees the group's budget
  • Identifies appropriate talent to serve on the Advisory Council in collaboration with the Advisory Council Chair, senior leadership, and other WorldatWork staff
  • Collaborates with the Advisory Council chair to establish meeting/call agendas, objectives, and activities
  • In collaboration with the chair, evaluates Advisory Council member contributions relative to performance expectations and succession planning
  • Ensures effective communications with advisory council members, including updates from the Association Board and sharing of organizational vision, mission, and strategies
  • Serves as a resource to the group to facilitate access to information, and resources
  • Collaborates with other staff liaisons to ensure effective communication and collaboration across all groups

Contact us: 
If you would like to discuss the Advisory Council role please contact us at councils@worldatwork.org.