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Excel Tips for Compensation Professionals

Harness the Power of Excel

Working with and analyzing large amounts of compensation data is not easy. Many compensation professionals rely on Microsoft® Excel® to help them, but working in Excel can be intimidating. Excel Tips for Compensation Professionals provide instructional step-by-step video demonstrations that can alleviate anxiety and save you vast amounts of time when analyzing data.

Excel Tips for Compensation Professionals allows you to focus on your specific learning objectives with a variety of comprehensive packages to choose from. Unlike other Excel tips, each tip provides a visual and audio demonstration, a job aid, as well as sample spreadsheets you can use immediately in your job.  Plus each demonstration is instructed in the context of compensation work—so you’ll see exactly how and when to use these Excel functions.

With Excel Tips you will learn how to:

Perform complex analyses in seconds with PivotTables
Use formulas such as COUNTIF, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF to save you time when analyzing data
Use Advanced LOOKUP functions to create interactive spreadsheets for sales compensation, pay structuring, and market pricing work
Grasp macros to automate repetitive functions
Manipulate what-if functions, indispensable tools for financial modeling of incentives and compensation costs
Leverage regression analysis and interpret the findings
Take the complexity out of array formulas – understand their structure, how to write them, and where they can be useful
Understand how and where to leverage complicated control forms
And more!

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Excel Tips Are Available in These Individual Packages:
Regression Analysis  
Advanced Lookup Functions  
Data Validation and Protection  
IF Formulas  
What-If Functions  
Using Formulas for Mail Merge and Compensation Work  
Data Consolidation  
Array Formulas  
Paste Special  
Financial Functions  
Control Keys and Function Keys  
Form Controls  


Dianne Auld, GRP, CCP, CSCP

Dianne Auld, GRP, CCP, CSCP owns a consulting practice, Auld Compensation Consulting, in Cape Town, South Africa. She consults a wide range of organizations across Africa and the Middle East in all areas of total rewards. She has developed and taught courses in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

Dianne is also a faculty member at WorldatWork and a reviewer for the WorldatWork Journal. Well respected and known as an expert in the compensation field and Excel, Dianne's skills and expertise are in high demand. In fact, her sessions at the WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference and Exhibition typically fill to capacity. Diane has partnered with WorldatWork to develop several educational products to assist compensation professionals with their day-to-day tasks in Excel, including "Pay Structures - Develop a Framework from Start to Finish," "Excel Skills for Compensation Professionals," "Advanced Excel Skills for Compensation Professionals," "Excel Tips for Compensation Professionals," "Tackling Compensation's What If Questions Using Excel" and "Excel Dashboards: A How-to for Compensation Professionals."


A PC computer with a mouse and Excel 2007 or later is required.

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