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Simple retention bonus agreement  
Posted: 08/19/2009 06:21am   386 Views

I am in need of a simplified retention bonus agreement. We  sold a subsidiary back in March 09. We have asked two employees to say on until December 31, 2009 to run off the remainder of the business. We have made a verbal offer for a retention bonus to these two employees, but I need to create a simple bonus offer for their signature. Does anyone have a watered down version or simplified agreement?




Simple retention bonus agreement  
Posted: 08/19/2009 07:38am  

Here is a link to the federal employee policies on retention incentives.  Hope it helps!


Simple retention bonus agreement  
Posted: 08/19/2009 09:14am  
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Suggest that you google on "sample retention bonus agreement."

 When I did, I got this sample:


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