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Shift Differential Pay  
Posted: 11/03/2008 01:09pm   194 Views
Does your company pay shift differentials to employees while out on benefit time (vacation, holidays, bereavement)? Thanks.


Shift Differential Pay  
Posted: 11/03/2008 04:01pm  

We have no union which would require such separate pay schedules or convoluted procedures. 

All pay for time not worked is computed on the basis of the regular rate for the work, whatever it is.  If/when we establish a premium rate for a job (such as, for example, third-shift type customer service during the wee hours in North America when Asian callers abound), that is the rate used for paid time off.  Operating globally, we don't characterize any one set of work hours as a universal "standard operating schedule"; shift schedules vary by office location and function, and we don't specify any shift differentials nor any associated specific premium rates. 

E. James (Jim)


Shift Differential Pay  
Posted: 11/03/2008 05:11pm  
These practices frequently are based on what the practice is your industry. I have seen it both ways--some include premiums and some don't.


Shift Differential Pay  
Posted: 11/04/2008 07:29am  

Dear Anonymous,

If you are interested in WorldatWork expanding their survey services to include pay practices like shift differentials, how about making a contribution to the post titled "Best Survey Source for Pay Practices?".  It sounds like a service that would be of great value to W@W members.



Shift Differential Pay  
Posted: 11/07/2008 04:46pm  
Yes. Just implemented new policy where we will pay Shift Diff for all hours including non-worked hours. The arguement is that shift differential is being paid to compensate employee's for working undesired shifts and hours not physically worked should not be compensated with such premium. The idea is to ensure employees are kept whole during times of absences, therefore our organization made a decision to pay on all non-worked hours. (PTO for example may not readily be taken if employee will be financially burdened).


Shift Differential Pay  
Posted: 11/12/2008 05:23pm  

My father was blue-collar and we'd have this argument almost yearly.  He says an employee should not take a pay cut to take time off and I tell him that shift diff is 'inconvenience pay'.  When the employee is not working, they are not inconvenienced.

I work in Healthcare and we do not pay differentials when the employee is out.

We may, however, implement a permenant night shift differential which would include a base pay increase.  This would be paid while out.


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