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ADP(EV5) -"Lessons Learned" from a Compensation Perspective  
Posted: 08/21/2012 11:33am   111 Views
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Hi World at Work Colleagues,

We are going on ADP (EV5) later on this year  and in the interest of working smart, not hard, I would love to network to see what "lessons learned" I can leverage from a compensation perspective.   We've got a  team hard at work on the implementation and rollout, but I would love to hear what this group has on the testing, rollout and adoption side  to see if there are things we can anticipate based on the experience of others.

For purposes of this discussion, assume a U.S. only rollout and no comparable level of MSS (Manager Self Services) or ESS (Employee Self Services) are being used.

To get he conversation rolling, here are a few questions: 

  • What do you wish you knew when you were testing?  Was there an "ah-ha" or an "oh-no" moment that affected the way you rolled out the product or caused you to modify your processes?
  • What lessons would you like to pass along regarding change management? 
  • How about implementation of MSS and ESS (for purposes of discussion assume manager self service and employe self-service at a robust level is not in place today)
  • What do you wish you had put in place from a compensation process perspective outside of the system to help you leverage ADP? 
  • What surprised you?
  • What would you have "done differently?"
  • Were there any tools or job aids that helped with adoption in your sites or subsidiaries?
  • Do you have any insights to share on the reporting functionality within ADP?

Thanks-I know there's a lot of expertise with the world at work group and I appreciate you sharing it with me.

Kind regards, 



ADP(EV5) -"Lessons Learned" from a Compensation Perspective  
Posted: 08/22/2012 11:44am  
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I've have a few years of ADP EV5 experience at two separate companies--I came in post implementation at each so not sure how much help I can be there. 

Overall from a comp perspective, I'd say the best thing you can do is have your job tables fully developed with whatever relevant data you need and have a very clear understanding of how the data flows and what auto-populates and what has to be manually maintained as it maps elsewhere.

Reach out if you want to talk more.



ADP(EV5) -"Lessons Learned" from a Compensation Perspective  
Posted: 08/23/2012 10:59am  
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Hi there

While I went through an implementation to a different system than EV5, I did just finish a very large HRIS implementation and can share a few things:

- Be very sure you understand the logic of the system and how it houses data and what the data will look like for your reporting and analysis. This is hugely important to be sure your information is captured in a way that is useable on the back end.

- Get as many people involved as you can for testing.  Don't scrimp in this area.

- Don't scrimp in educating those who will be your core users of the system, and include them along the way in making key decisions.  This was a  huge help in our implementation by including core users along the way - the buy-in was much better.

- The system itself will not improve anything.  It's what you put into the system and who is using the system and how, along with intensive communication and education.  Too often people think that the system will solve all their problems.  Simply not true.

- Be open to new ways of doing things, as many of the new systems have built in business processes that can really improve efficiency and productivity.  Yet think through and effect changes as a group of stakeholders; don't impose changes upon people.

- Ask yourself if how you code jobs is working for you.  This gets back to the logic of the system.  If ADP only codes one way and your company codes another way, this is no small undertaking.  Again, really think through how you want to report on things, how you want to be able to sort, filter, etc.  Will you be changing structures down the road?  What other changes might you be making?  Anticipate these types of things so you can be building flexibility into your structure.  It's easy to paint oneself into a corner when implementing a new system, and then be "stuck" with the results once you're in.

- Integrations, integrations, integrations.  How will the system work with your application tracking system?  Payroll?  Active Directory?  Etc.?  This is mission critical.

- Do you have the right staff in place?  Do you need to hire an extra head, even temporarily, to ramp up and get everyone up to speed?

- Even if MSS and ESS are not going to be used, don't assume it won't affect managers and employees.  Determine what the potential impact is and still educate your organization on the changes you're making and why.  It may slow down HR productivity for a period of time; you and your clients will be better served if everyone understands why and what they'll get on the back end.

Hope this helps!


ADP(EV5) -"Lessons Learned" from a Compensation Perspective  
Posted: 12/01/2013 11:23pm  

Hi there,

                I am from peoplesoft background and now i got an oppurtunity to work in ADP EV5. Can anyone show me some light on wat ADP is all about and is there any similarities in ADP with peoplesoft. Wat are the things that i need to learn in the beginning phase.  Thanks in advance.

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