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How to calculate rolling 12-month turnover  
Posted: 04/27/2011 01:55pm   206 Views

Can anyone tell me how I can put together a spreadsheet to calcuate turnover on a rolling 12-month basis? Thanks!


How to calculate rolling 12-month turnover  
Posted: 04/27/2011 02:25pm  
   (2 ratings)

Have you tried a search here using the word turnover calculation? It has been discussed here before.


How to calculate rolling 12-month turnover  
Posted: 05/03/2011 07:16pm  
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I think there are different methods you can use, but we calculate rolling turnover by taking the total # of terms for the 12 months divided by average headcount for the same period.  For example, if we had a total of 20 terms over 12 months and our average headcount was 200, then rolling turnover is 10% (yeah, I wish).

The spreadsheet we use has our numbers by month to include actual headcount for the month, actual terms for the month (we do a total and also breakdown by voluntary/involuntary), then average headcount, and our turnover calcs to include rolling and annualized.  Below are the fields we use to track by month.  Hope this helps.

Involuntary Number of Terms

Voluntary Number of Terms

Total Terms  

Total Terms % of HC

Month End Headcount

Annualized Monthly Involuntary Turnover  (%)

Annualized Monthly Voluntary Turnover  (%)

Annualized Monthly Total Turnover  (%)

Average Headcount (12 month period)

Total Involuntary terms (12 month period)

Total Voluntary terms (12 month period)

Total terms (12 month period)

Annual Rolling Involuntary Turnover (%)

Annual Rolling Voluntary Turnover (%)

Annual Rolling Total Turnover (%)


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