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Part time to full time vacation accruals   
Posted: 02/02/2010 02:27pm   46 Views

Can anyone share what your company policies are when an employee moves from part time status to full time status in regards to vacation accruals. How do you determine the amount of time that person should get. Also, what if a person moves from full time status to part time status. Do you pay out part of their vacation time?  Do they use it or lose it?  Do they get half paid out and the other half they keep to use for when they need time off.  We have had several employees who have moved from full time to part time and each case has been handled on an individual basis. We would like to set up a policy that is fair to both the employee and the company.  It should only be an issue during the transition year from one status to the other.  If a full time employee has 120 hours of vacation time and then they go to a 20/hr work week as a part time person, how would your organization handle this. We do not have PTO time. If we did maybe that would make a difference but I am not sure. Vacation and personal days are earned by years of service. Part time employees working 24 - 37.5 hours earn vacation based on the prior years average hours worked.   Any insight would be appreciated.


Penny Opalka


Part time to full time vacation accruals   
Posted: 02/02/2010 03:31pm   Revised: 02/02/2010 03:34pm  

Is there a problem with allowing them to keep all of their accrued vacation under the prior vacation plan when they transfer rolls? Where I have worked, part-time ees didn't get vacation and time worked as PT didn't carry over to full-time status, so we didn't face your issue.


Part time to full time vacation accruals   
Posted: 02/03/2010 12:00pm  

We use 30 hours PT/regular status as the threshold for benefit eligibility.  PT/R EE’s accrue PTO at 75% of the FT/regular PTO bi-weekly rate.  PTO varies by years of service, anywhere from 160 (6.67 hours bi-weekly) to 200 (8.33 hours bi-weekly) hours total per year for FT EE’s.  PT EE’s accrue bi-weekly at 75% the aforementioned rates.  EE’s are allowed to carry a maximum of twice the annual PTO accrual amount in their bank.  Accruals above the maximum become forfeit for both PT & FT EE’s.  PT & FT EE’s are also allowed to cash out 40 hours per rolling calendar year as long as they maintain 80 hours in their bank post-cash out.  This type of policy/procedure should also work well with vacation time, which we used to have.  Hopefully this helps to get you started. 


Part time to full time vacation accruals   
Posted: 02/03/2010 02:06pm  

We prorate for part timers.  Thus, for their first five years, they would earn the prorata version of 6.66 hours/month accrued for vacation up to a maximum allowable of 80 vacation hours (two weeks for a full-timer) a year.  Moving to full time simply accelerates their hours accruals; and vice versa.


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