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WorldatWork Computer-Based Testing/Exam Information

Scheduling an Exam  |  Information for Day of Test  |  Contact Information  |  Frequently Asked Questions

WorldatWork is pleased to offer computer-based testing (CBT) as a convenient solution for customers who have registered for any certification exam.

CBT provides customers with immediate test results in a secure testing environment. With testing centers worldwide, this new testing environment allows you to easily schedule your exam for the date, time and location most convenient for you.

Registering and Scheduling Your Exam:

  1. Register for any certification exam with WorldatWork, either online or by calling Customer Relationship Services at 877-951-9191 or +1 480-951-9191. (Your complete registration and payment must be received before you can schedule your exam.)

  2. WorldatWork will send your exam eligibility to Pearson VUE for you to schedule your exam for the date, time and location you prefer. Please allow 24 hours before visiting www.pearsonvue.com/worldatwork to set up an account to schedule your exam. Have your WorldatWork ID number ready (found on your exam receipt).

  3. Once you have set up an account with Pearson VUE, they will send you an e-mail with your Pearson VUE username and password. Again, visit www.pearsonvue.com/worldatwork and select the link to “Schedule a Test.” You’ll need your username and password to schedule your exam date, time and location. Alternatively, you may call the Pearson VUE Call Center at 877-385-7957 (Monday – Friday 7 am to 7 pm Central Time) to find a location and schedule your exam. You will only be eligible to schedule an exam for which you have registered through WorldatWork first.

  4. Your exam eligibility expires after 120 days.

    1. Exams purchased with courses delivered in a traditional classroom, virtual classroom and via E-Learning Plus expire 120 days from the start of course access.
    2. Exams purchased with courses delivered via E-Learning expire 120 days from the date of purchase.
    3. Exams purchased with self-study course material or exam-only expire 120 days from the date of purchase.
    4. You must schedule and complete you exam within 120 days.

    30-day exam access extensions are available for a fee of $165 USD if purchased before your 120-day eligibility expires. (Excludes Master Certified Compensation Professional (MCCP).

Rescheduling Your Exam:
If you wish to reschedule the date, time or location of your exam, contact Pearson VUE at least 24 hours prior to your exam appointment. Pearson VUE charges a $25 rescheduling fee and will not allow you to reschedule your exam with less than 24 hours notice. If you do not reschedule or offer 24 hours advanced notice and you are unable to make your appointment, WorldatWork will charge a $325 USD (member)/$400 USD (nonmember) fee at the time you reschedule this exam with WorldatWork.

Information for Day of Test

Please arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled exam time. This will give you adequate time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures.

What to Bring to the Testing Center:
Please be prepared to show one (1) form of personal ID. The ID must be current (not expired) and include your signature and photo and match the name in your WorldatWork profile. For security reasons, testing centers also utilize some form of biometric technology to identify and verify examinees on the day of exam only.

You will not be allowed to take any personal items with you into the testing room. This includes all purses, bags, books, notes, PDAs, cell phones, pagers, watches, wallets, hats, gloves and coats. For the GR2 and T3 exams, you will be allowed to bring your TI BAII calculator into the testing room. You will not be allowed to bring in any other brand or type of calculator. Basic calculators will be available at the testing center for any exam. Some testing locations offer lockers to secure your personal items during the test, or a staff member may hold these items at a desk. You are encouraged to leave your personal items in your car.

Refusal of Admission:
If you arrive more than 15 minutes past your scheduled exam time or lack the proper ID, you may be refused admission. If you bring a calculator other than the TI BAII calculator for your T3 or GR2 exam, you will have to use a basic calculator provided by the testing center or be refused admission. You will be charged a non-refundable fee of $325 USD (member)/$400 USD (nonmember) by WorldatWork at the time you reschedule this exam with WorldatWork.

Time Limit:
The majority of WorldatWork certification exams have a time limit of two hours (120 minutes). The time limit includes a short tutorial and survey. Computer-based testing features a clock showing your remaining time. When you schedule your exam through Pearson VUE, the specific time limit for that test will be provided in the confirmation email. For information on the time limit for a specific exam, please contact Customer Relationship Services.

Access the tutorial ahead of time by visiting www.pearsonvue.com/worldatwork and downloading the file from the box in the middle of the screen. (This may take a few minutes to load.)

To make a request for special accommodations to take your exam, please contact WorldatWork at 877-951-9191 or 480-951-9191.

Exam Score:
Upon completion of your certification exam, you will immediately receive your preliminary score. Once confirmed by WorldatWork, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your transcript when your official score has been posted. Your final score will generally be posted within two weeks of your exam. A 75% score is needed to pass all WorldatWork Society exams.

Questions About Computer-Based Testing

Contacting Pearson VUE
Toll Free: 877-385-7957, ext. 2895 (U.S. and Canada) or www.pearsonvue.com/contact/ with questions regarding:

  • Scheduling Your Exam
  • Rescheduling Your Exam
  • Canceling Your Exam

Contact WorldatWork
+1 480-951-9191 or 877-951-9191 or customerrelations@worldatwork.org with questions regarding:

  • Purchasing Your Exam
  • Requests for Special Accommodations
    (Documentation required. WorldatWork provides testing accommodation at no additional cost under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, or equivalent.)
  • All other questions