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Career Resources and Tools for Employers — Other Resources

Writing Effective Job Descriptions
This one-day seminar will give you practical tips and tools to create job descriptions for use in salary administration and performance appraisals to match the needs of your organization.

Culture at Work
This book serves as a template for assessing and managing an organizational culture.Understand not only what defines culture and how it works, but also ways you can influence it and make it work to your company's advantage.

Workforce Engagement
This book provides data, concepts and case studies that will enhance your understanding of workforce engagement: what it means, why it is important and how it affects individuals and organizations.

Employee Engagement
This book will help managers and supervisors with strategies and approaches to engage employees. Learn how to create and sustain organizations that find, keep and engage the best talent.

Enterprise Transformation -- The Leadership Imperative
This article identifies the strong leadership skills necessary for successful enterprise transformation and explains why they are essential.

Excellence at Work
This book presents six simple, yet powerful principles for creating a robust work environment for employee success.

This book helps organizations successfully implement or expand telework programs using practical steps and sample templates.

Battling to be the Best
This book takes readers through the ins-and-outs of best-place-to work lists. Dozens of case study examples provide insights into what winning and "hopeful" companies are doing to be recognized.

Workplace Flexibility
This free eBook publication will provide you with a rich collection of the resources contributed by the 2007 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation retreat participants.

Salary Budget Survey
Salary Budget Survey provides salary budget increase data for the United States and Canada.

Flexible Workers: Five Tips to Manage What You Can't See
Find ways to be successful when managing teleworkers.
Sponsored by: WebEx

Rewards and Recognition
Keys to Success
Sponsored by: Maritz