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WorldatWork Press – Performance and Recognition

Learn how to design and administer a well-conceived program while aligning with the organization’s mission, vision and values.

Designing Employee Recognition Programs
In this How-To for the HR Professional, author Marc Drizin makes the case for employee rewards and recognition, helps readers understand how to align a recognition program to the organizational mission, vision and values, and focuses on the design and administration of a well-conceived program.
Developing International Talent Management Strategies
As businesses continue expanding internationally, and as geographic and social boundaries blur, the global economy continually provides both challenges and opportunities for employers and employees both at home and abroad. Countries and governments operate autonomously, and differences persist in legal and social frameworks, working practices, corporate governance and management practices. Labor laws, tax regimes, social security structures, along with compensation and benefits structures all remain unique to each country.
Global Rewards: A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork, 2nd ed.
This second edition is a collaboration of articles from workspan and the WorldatWork Journal (2005-2010). Plus, the collection now includes a listing of related surveys and "Creating a Sustainable Rewards and Talent Management Model: Results of the 2010 Global Talent Management and Rewards Study" full survey report by TowersWatson (2010).
Handbook of Compensation & Benefits Formulas
In the past three decades, the world of compensation and benefits has experienced a revolution. And, while the role of today's total rewards professionals has become more strategic and business oriented, some fundamentals of the job will always hold true. One such fundamental is math.
Linking Pay to Performance
This booklet covers the following aspects of merit pay: determining what to reward; documenting performance standards; establishing a merit budget; setting merit pay policy; managing a merit pay plan; evaluating a merit pay plan.
Managing Individual Performance
Employers often don't communicate how an individual's performance and contributions have an impact on the overall organizational success. This often results not only in unproductive and unsatisfied employees, but also in organizations falling short of attaining success. This booklet shows how to develop a performance management system that goes beyond traditional objectives (i.e., documenting job responsibilities, defining expectations, and providing opportunities for supervisors and employees to communicate) to align individual performance with an organization's mission, vision and objectives. It ensures that employees understand how their behaviors effect the attainment of organizational success.
Performance Management, A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork
While employers may be experiencing fewer attraction and retention troubles due to the most recent economic crisis, there is a strong business case for integrating rewards and talent management programs. Organizations that apply an integrated approach in this area and across all stages of the employment life cycle have an advantage in attracting, engaging and retaining the talent they need to succeed in their markets – and financially outperform their peers.
The Best of Performance Management: A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork
This resource publication features article reprints from WorldatWork's respected publications -- workspan magazine and WorldatWork Journal. It offers readers numerous resources on a variety of topics related to performance management, including discussion on system design, evaluation and rewards.
The Best of Variable Pay: Incentives, Recognition and Rewards
This resource publication features article reprints from WorldatWork's respected publications -- workspan magazine and WorldatWork Journal -- from 1995 to 2000. It offers readers numerous resources on a variety of topics relating to variable pay.