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See how your company measures up with actual 2012 data and use projected 2013 data to assist in compensation planning
New Release
Survey Best Practices
A Collection of Articles From WorldatWork

Gain an overview of the essentials and an in-depth perspective of current and timeless survey practices and issues with this collection of articles written by the profession’s top experts.

Documenting Job Content
How-to Series for the HR Professional
Just Released. New Edition.
New information included about how to secure management approval and buy-in, as well as employee support.

Administering Stock Option Plans
The entire discussion of stock options has changed in just the past few years. Now that stock options are being required to be charged to earnings, companies are being more thoughtful than ever in their use and administration. This update of the 2005 publication addresses the issues involved, and seeks to explain many of the core aspects of stock plan administration. HR professionals and stock plan administrators interested in learning more about equity plan administration will find this book extremely valuable.
Automating Sales Compensation
Automating Sales Compensation," part of the How-To for HR Professionals line of books, is useful for anyone responsible for the success of a sales compensation program. And, because most companies don’t have just one person who has overall responsibility, this book is designed for everyone who participates in the process.
Building Pay Structures
In this latest edition of a WorldatWork classic How-To book, authors Dan Purushothan and Stephanie Wilson have updated their content to reflect the global implications and considerations when building pay structures.
Communicating Total Rewards, Third Edition
Organizations spend significant money each year on total rewards to attract, motivate and retain employees. Yet, when employees are unaware of the programs, employers fail to see the full return on their investment. This can be solved by communication. Leveraging the strength of a total rewards package through effective communication is one of the most important challenges for the HR professional.
Compensating Globally Mobile Employees: How-to Series for the HR Professional, 3rd edition
The pace of merger-and-acquisition activity continues accelerating in today's global environment, with common causes of failure coming from unclear leadership, culture clashes and poor integration. To seamlessly conduct merger and/or acquisition transitions, total rewards professionals must be familiar with their role, particularly the due diligence process.
Compensation Basics for HR Generalists
This booklet identifies the specific components of typical compensation programs for the benefit of HR generalists, who are not likely to be familiar with the sometimes highly technical language of compensation. Topics include: compensation philosophy, base pay, job evaluation, marketing analysis, salary ranges, legal defensibility, incentive pay, pay for performance, salary surveys, and total compensation.
Designing & Conducting a Salary Survey
Just as business objectives and strategies play an important role in shaping corporate-pay postures, so does acquiring timely and accurate compensation data. You need to be aware of the issues to consider and steps to take to effectively evaluate your organization's compensation competitiveness in the external market. One way to do that, when other data is unavailable, is to conduct a custom compensation survey. This book shows how such a survey might be conducted, analyzed and presented successfully.
Designing Management Incentive Plans
In this update, authors Bruce Overton and Mary Steele bring these present-day issues to the fore and provide a framework for the audit or initial design of managerial incentive compensation plans. They discuss the selection of various plan types within an established total compensation strategy, along with alternative solutions to issues related to the design of incentive compensation plans.
Designing Sales Compensation Plans
This booklet explains the following aspects of designing an effective sales compensation plan: linking the sales compensation plan to business strategy; establishing the design team; assessing the current plan; designing the new plan; implementing the new plan; and evaluating results.
Developing Statistical Job-Evaluation Models
Statistically derived job-evaluation models can be used to construct a job-worth hierarchy that is easy to administer and cost-effective. This booklet outlines the necessary steps to using these powerful models.
Documenting Job Content
Good job documentation is not simply a preventive measure. It also greatly assists in an organization's efforts to achieve efficiency and quality, and it facilitates the creation of an equitable job-worth hierarchy.
Global Rewards: A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork, 2nd ed.
This second edition is a collaboration of articles from workspan and the WorldatWork Journal (2005-2010). Plus, the collection now includes a listing of related surveys and "Creating a Sustainable Rewards and Talent Management Model: Results of the 2010 Global Talent Management and Rewards Study" full survey report by TowersWatson (2010).
New discussions included on how goalsharing enables teamwork and collaboration and how it can be an effective global rewards program. Also added are expanded potential fields where it may be useful such as medical, education and government.
Handbook for Conducting Compensation & Benefits Surveys
Reasons why an organization may want to run a compensation or benefits survey runs the gamut from figuring out higher-than-normal turnover or learning if salespeople are motivated by their current compensation plan.
Handbook for Reading & Preparing Proxy Statements, 4th Edition
In 2006, the Securities and Exchange Commission significantly amended proxy disclosure rules to provide investors with a clearer and more complete picture of executive and director compensation than had existed under prior disclosure rules. "Handbook for Reading and Preparing Proxy Statements, 4th edition," (formerly "Reading & Preparing Proxy Statements: A Guide to the SEC Disclosure Rules for Executive and Director Compensation") covers compensation policies and practices as they relate to risk management; the SEC's interpretive guidance on the executive and director compensation disclosure rules through the summer of 2011; the disclosure enhancements adopted by the SEC in 2009 and again in 2010.
Handbook of Compensation & Benefits Formulas
In the past three decades, the world of compensation and benefits has experienced a revolution. And, while the role of today's total rewards professionals has become more strategic and business oriented, some fundamentals of the job will always hold true. One such fundamental is math.
Job Evaluation: Methods to the Process
This book documents the importance of procedure in determining a job's worth and ensuring that information pertaining to the job is valid and accurate. The book contains chapters on regulatory issues, as well as communication, and an appendix that contains sample worksheets for point-factor job evaluation.
Linking Pay to Performance
This booklet covers the following aspects of merit pay: determining what to reward; documenting performance standards; establishing a merit budget; setting merit pay policy; managing a merit pay plan; evaluating a merit pay plan.
Market Pricing: Methods to the Madness
Learn how job analysis, evaluation, benchmarks, data collection, simple formulas, market index, weighting and more can make sense amid all the clutter. Bring order and clarity to market blips, adjustments, turnover, compliance and communication. Complete with case studies and examples, this book is on its way to becoming the compensation professional's next best friend!
Mastering Market Data
Using too much "artistic license" with market-pricing data analyses can leave the results open to challenge. Discover a practical way to compile data and help achieve external competitiveness for your organization with the six steps described in this booklet.
Planning Wage and Salary Programs
In the decade after World War II, jobs were defined by detailed activities; workers were expected to follow orders; supervisors had a limited span of control; work was closely supervised. Baby Boomers hadn't entered the employment ranks; women were limited to "women's work"; and the Civil Rights Act was a few years away. But in the past 20 years, knowledge workers have replaced manual workers, self-managed teams have replaced close supervision and focus has shifted to market values rather than internal job values. In this book, author Howard Risher, Ph.D., consolidates the body of knowledge needed to rethink a salary system in the 21st century, looking narrowly at the planning and modifying of salary programs for the benefit of HR professionals with little or no prior experience in redesigning salary programs.
Salary Surveys and Antitrust
This book provides vital information that will enable readers and their companies to make better and more informed decisions with regard to participation in and use of salary surveys. The content is wide ranging with a wealth of references, and includes recent case history of salary surveys and antitrust.
Sales Compensation Essentials: A Field Guide for the HR Professional, 2nd edition
New and updated information including plan communication, governance and administration guidance, enhances this classic guide's value as a reference tool. The premise for this book, however, remains unchanged: Not all people want to be sales compensation-wizards. Rather, they need to acquire authoritative and practical information about sales compensation, so they can be confident with the matter at hand. That's where this field guide comes in handy.
Sales Compensation Made Simple
Today's sales organizations are multifaceted and require multiple sales jobs with different responsibilities coupled with intricate forms of measurement and compensation. Accordingly, complex systems are required to help manage these organizations, and many companies struggle with the basic tenets of how to motivate and reward a sales organization.
Sales Compensation Math
Sales Compensation experts, Jerry Colletti, Mary Fiss, and Mark Davis have combined forces to create a book that applies appropriate techniques and formulas related to each factor of sales compensation (determining pay levels, pay mix, incentive design and calculating payouts) that is consistent with both best practices and generally accepted principles.
Sales Compensation: A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork
The sales compensation plan is one of the more powerful tools that top executives use to direct, motivate and reward the salesforce for its contribution to business success. Knowing when and how to align sales teams and compensation programs are key issues -- not only for sales, but for the overall company. And, because it is simply not practical or appropriate to use a single (or even a few) sales incentive plans across multiple divisions, geographies and sales roles, taking a global focus is an imperative for today's sales compensation professionals.
Survey Best Practices
A Collection of Articles From WorldatWork
Excel in the ever-changing landscape of competitive market data. Gain an overview of the essentials and an in-depth perspective of current and timeless survey practices and issues with this collection of articles written by the profession's top experts.
The Best of Communicating Total Rewards: A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork
This resource publication features the best-of article reprints from WorldatWork's respected publications -- workspan magazine and WorldatWork Journal.
The Best of Variable Pay: Incentives, Recognition and Rewards
This resource publication features article reprints from WorldatWork's respected publications -- workspan magazine and WorldatWork Journal -- from 1995 to 2000. It offers readers numerous resources on a variety of topics relating to variable pay.
The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits and Total Rewards
Perfect for the compensation and benefits specialist who seeks a ready resource for their many technical needs, or for the HR generalist with varied responsibilities, the "WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits, and Total Rewards" is a comprehensive tool for recruiting, rewarding and retaining talent in the 21st century. With its special focus on structuring and implementing a total rewards program, this is a fully modern guide to compensation.
WorldatWork 2014-2015 Salary Budget Survey
Stay Competitive. Attract and Retain Talent in Ever-Changing Market Conditions
The "WorldatWork 2014-2015 Salary Budget Survey" is an essential instrument in your compensation planning. The 41st annual edition, this is the longest-running survey of its kind.
WorldatWork 2015-2016 Salary Budget Survey
Stay Competitive. Attract and Retain Talent in Ever-Changing Market Conditions
The "WorldatWork 2015-2016 Salary Budget Survey" is an essential instrument in your compensation planning. The 42nd annual edition, this is the longest-running survey of its kind.
WorldatWork 2016-2017 Salary Budget Survey
Stay Competitive. Attract and Retain Talent in Ever-Changing Market Conditions
The "WorldatWork 2016-2017 Salary Budget Survey" is an essential instrument in your compensation planning. The 43rd annual edition, this is the longest-running survey of its kind.
WorldatWork Executive Rewards Questionary: Optimize Executive Compensation Design
Would your executive compensation plan hold up to today's unprecedented media and regulatory scrutiny? You'll be in a better position to answer "yes" after consulting this definitive list of more than 200 questions, developed by the world's largest association of compensation professionals.