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Get the answers that can help you make the right decisions. This comprehensive resource addresses the survey development and management process in depth to effectively meet your survey goals.
Get a look at HR outsourcing and a basic roadmap of provider selection, contract negotiation, implementation and ongoing relationship management.

Communicating Total Rewards, Third Edition
Organizations spend significant money each year on total rewards to attract, motivate and retain employees. Yet, when employees are unaware of the programs, employers fail to see the full return on their investment. This can be solved by communication. Leveraging the strength of a total rewards package through effective communication is one of the most important challenges for the HR professional.
Designing Employee Health Management Programs
Given the ongoing deterioration of America's health in the areas of obesity, hypertension, abnormal lipids/cholesterol and insulin resistance, promoting employee health management (EHM) is the best long-term solution to containing ever-rising medical costs. Healthy employees and their healthy families are likely to incur lower medical costs and be more productive. EHM incentives have shown to be effective in making a good cost-control strategy even better.
Developing a Strategic Benefits Program
This book outlines how to develop a benefits strategy that aligns with overall corporate goals, objectives and structure. Plus this book teaches how to use this strategy as a roadmap for determining which benefits programs will best suit their organization.
Employee Benefits Basics
The world of employee benefits is dramatically different today than it was just five years ago — let alone 15 or 20 years ago. What is not new is the fact that employees need benefits, and companies need employees.
ERISA Basics
While employee benefits are an indispensable element of an employer's total rewards package, employers face myriad complex administrative tasks upon establishing an employee pension or welfare benefit plan. In general terms, this book is designed to familiarize employers with the responsibilities and liabilities of plan fiduciaries under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).
Global Rewards: A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork, 2nd ed.
This second edition is a collaboration of articles from workspan and the WorldatWork Journal (2005-2010). Plus, the collection now includes a listing of related surveys and "Creating a Sustainable Rewards and Talent Management Model: Results of the 2010 Global Talent Management and Rewards Study" full survey report by TowersWatson (2010).
Guide to Qualified Retirement Plans
This book provides a basic understanding of the different types of retirement programs, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each, so that the practitioner can evaluate which types might be appropriate for meeting the needs of their workforce while still meeting employer business objectives.
Handbook for Conducting Compensation & Benefits Surveys
Reasons why an organization may want to run a compensation or benefits survey runs the gamut from figuring out higher-than-normal turnover or learning if salespeople are motivated by their current compensation plan.
Handbook of Compensation & Benefits Formulas
In the past three decades, the world of compensation and benefits has experienced a revolution. And, while the role of today's total rewards professionals has become more strategic and business oriented, some fundamentals of the job will always hold true. One such fundamental is math.
Making the Case for Consumer-Driven Health Plans
The introduction of consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) options into employer-sponsored benefits plans has become more attractive across organizations. Many companies are finding this option to be a viable choice as part of the total rewards package due to increasing difficulty in offering competitive health plans to employees at affordable premiums while also maintaining good health-care coverage.
Managing Employee Health-Care and Prescription Benefit Costs: A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork
Health-care and prescription-benefit cost containment continues to be a hot topic among benefits professionals. More than ever, financial conditions require organizations to look for ways to economize. Shifting costs to employees can negatively affect employee attitudes and loyalty; in the current economy, employees are increasingly sensitive to reductions in benefits and increases in paycheck deductions.
Mergers & Acquisitions
The pace of merger-and-acquisition activity continues accelerating in today's global environment, with common causes of failure coming from unclear leadership, culture clashes and poor integration. To seamlessly conduct merger and/or acquisition transitions, total rewards professionals must be familiar with their role, particularly the due diligence process.
Retirement Benefits
Recent tumultuous events in the U.S. Economy have wreaked havoc on capital markets and investment values, leaving many financial futures vulnerable. This book, assembled by WorldatWork, helps rewards professionals get a big-picture view of retirement. This compilation of more than 15 articles from top authors in the field of benefits aids readers in gaining a better understanding of today's complex retirement-related issues, and provides ideas on how to help employees get the most out of company-sponsored plans.
The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits and Total Rewards
Perfect for the compensation and benefits specialist who seeks a ready resource for their many technical needs, or for the HR generalist with varied responsibilities, the "WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits, and Total Rewards" is a comprehensive tool for recruiting, rewarding and retaining talent in the 21st century. With its special focus on structuring and implementing a total rewards program, this is a fully modern guide to compensation.