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Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management

Master HR Statistics with Excel

This course focuses on general quantitative concepts, basic statistical tools, the mathematics of compensation design and administration, mathematical modeling and regression analysis.  This course will demonstrate how to apply these concepts utilizing Excel so all participants must have access to Excel while completing the course.  Participants will learn to consider data from numerous sources with an emphasis on problem solving and decision making.

  • Learn basic quantitative concepts and the four levels of measurement.
  • Learn how to define and compare percents, market index and compa-ratios.
  • Study the time value of money  - including compound interest and the compound salary growth rate.
  • Learn how to collect, analyze and accurately display statistical data.
  • Learn how to determine central tendency and measures of central location.
  • Discuss  measures of variability.
  • Explore shapes of distributions.
  • Gain an understanding of modeling and regression analysis.

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Course Schedules
May 16 - Jul 14
C3E - Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management - E-Learning Plus
Your live web sessions will be held on 6/8/2017 and 7/6/2017 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern
Course & Exam
Course Only
Aug 8 - Oct 6
C3E - Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management - E-Learning Plus
Your live web sessions will be held on 8/31/2017 and 9/28/2017 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern
Course & Exam
Course Only
C3E - Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management
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What You Will Learn  

Statistics – Data, Information and Levels of Measurement

  • Why compensation professionals collect and use data
  • Five key questions to ask about the variable of interest
  • Levels of measurement

Percents and Related Issues

  • Percents
  • Individual compa-ratio
  • Department compa-ratio
  • Market index
  • Percent difference
  • Developing salary ranges
  • Percents in compensation management

Time Value of Money

  • Time value of money
  • Present and future value
  • Compound interest and compound salary growth rate
  • Constant midpoint progression
  • Annuity payments

Statistics – Collecting, Organizing, Grouping and Displaying Data

  • Populations and samples
  • Frequency distributions
    • Organize, group and display data

Statistics – Lying with Statistics, Graphs and Displays

  • Recognizing distorted data
  • Avoiding mistakes that distort data

Statistics – Measures of Central Tendency and/or Location

  • Measures of central tendency
    • Mode
    • Median
    • Mean
  • Measures of location
  • Percentile bars

Measures of Variability

  • Measures of variability
    • Range
    • Interquartile range
    • Standard deviation
  • Z-scores
    • 2-sigma and 3-sigma rules

Statistics – Shapes of Distributions

  • Interpreting distributions
  • Normal distributions

Regression Analysis

  • Regression models in a compensation environment
  • Developing a regression model
  • Cautions in the interpretation of correlations
  • Multiple regression
Who Should Register  

This course is intended for those individuals who are pursuing CCP or GRP.  It is also applicable for practitioners who are seeking a basic treatment for applying statistics in compensation management and who have responsibility for designing compensation programs.

  • Participants will have to have access to Excel while taking this course.  All demonstrations will be done in Excel 2007.
How to Register
More Information  
 Course Credits

CCP: Required
GRP: Required
Recertification: 2 course, .5 Exam
CEUs: 1.5 Course, .3 Exam

 Course Book Amendments
Certification Exam: C3E
Exam Requirements
Certified Compensation Professional
Global Remuneration Professional
This is a required exam to obtain a CCP and GRP.

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