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White Papers

WorldatWork white papers address total rewards topics of widespread interest to practitioners. The papers listed below are either prepared and updated regularly by the association's Professional Development team or provided by WorldatWork volunteers or partner organizations. They are provided as an exclusive membership benefit and are not available to nonmembers. White papers are intended as an overview of a specific topic, reflecting the information that was available at the time they were created.

White Paper Contributors
It's easy to contribute with our simple step-by-step instructions. WorldatWork will edit before posting to our Web site. If you hold a Society designation (CCP, CBP, GRP or WLCP), you earn credits toward recertification by contributing. When filling out your Recertification Application online, use #4 in the "Leadership" category to describe your submission and record credits. You can earn ½ credit per submission, up to a maximum of one credit per recertification cycle.

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Work-Life
  • Performance & Recognition
  • Development & Career Opportunities
  • General
Balanced Scorecard & Pay-For-Performance (December 2008)
Merit Pay (December 2003)
Broadbanding (May 2000)
Milestone Promotions (March 2015)
Building Compensation Knowledge from the Inside Out (August 2013)
Multiple Salary Structures (November 2005)
Career Progression Models (September 2013)
New Hire Salary Setting (September 2014)
Cash Bonus Plans (December 2003)
Overtime Calculation (September 2002)
Changing Role of the Total Rewards Profession (November 2011)
Overtime Exemption Audits (July 2013)
Choosing a Compensation Consultant (December 2005)
Pay Compression (October 2005)
Communicating Total Rewards (February 2004)
Piloting Pay for Performance (August 2006)
Compensation and Benefits Staffing Ratios (November 2005)
Regression Analysis (January 2014)
Cost-of-Living Differentials: Choosing the Right Methodology to Match Your Needs (Mercer, March 2011)
Regression Analysis of Wage and Price Inflation (November 2008)
De Minimis Fringe Benefits (November 2005)
Salary Budget Planning:
Using Market Data to Formulate a Recommendation
(February 2007)
Developing Effective Reward Communications (April 2011)
Salary Communication (September 2005)
Establishing a Grade Structure (July 2013)
Salary Structure Change and Compensation Increase Budgets (January 2011)
Evaluating Job Content: Establishing a Job-Worth Hierarchy (December 2003)
Salary Surveys and Antitrust (March 2011)
FLS ... What? Who Cares? (July 2013)
Salary Surveys and Safe Harbor Guidelines (December 2003)
FLSA Safe Harbor Provision:
Tips for Creating an Improper Deductions Policy
(August 2004)
Salary Surveys Issue Statement (December 2000)
Focal Point or Anniversary Date Increases: A Matter of Fit (January 2006)
Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (In Revision)
Gainsharing (December 2003)
Shift Differential Pay(November 2005)
Geographic Differential (October 2005)
Skill-based Pay (May 2000)
Goalsharing (December 2004)
Step Increase Plans (October 2005)
Green Circle/Red Circle Employees (November 2005)
The Five-Pointed Star: A Systematic Approach to Creating and Evaluating Sales Compensation (Winter 2014)
Incentive Pay (May 2000)
Tips to Ease Your Total Compensation Statement Concerns (December 2004)
Independent Contractor vs. Employee (October 2005)
Travel time for nonexempts (September 2002)
Job Component Method (August 2005)
Understanding Forced Distribution (September 2002)
Leveraging a Geographic Information System for Better Compensation Decisions (December 2013)
Variable Pay (November 2005)
Long-Term Incentives (August 2010)
"White Collar" Exemptions (April 2004)
Mergers & Acquisitions:
Due Diligence for the TR Professional
(November 2005)
Worker Economic Opportunity Act and the FLSA:
Overtime Calculation as It Relates to Stock Options
(December 2003)
Team-based Pay (February 2004)
Executive Compensation
A Strategic Asset in Executive Compensation Policy
(March 2011)
Keeping Up with CEO Jones: Benchmarking and Executive Compensation
(Cornell University, Institute for Compensation Studies, December 2010)
Compensation-Related Risk Assessment (October 2010)
Long-Term Incentive Design & Equity Plan Shareholder Approval (October 2012)
Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance in China
(Cornell University, Institute for Compensation Studies, February 2011)
Process and Outcome:
New Clarity in Achieving Reasonable Executive Compensation
(Buck Consultants)
The Executive Compensation Controversy: A Transatlantic Analysis
(Cornell University, Institute for Compensation Studies, February 2011)
Scrutinized Perks:
Trending Downward as Criticism Rises
(April 2011)
Executive Pay and Firm Performance: Methodological Considerations and Future Directions
(Cornell University, Institute for Compensation Studies, February 2010)
Wellness Plans
Behavioral Economics: The New Engagement Tool
ADA basics (In Revision)
Cash Balance Plans (March 2011)
Changing Role of the Total Rewards Profession (November 2011)
Communicating Total Rewards (February 2004)
Compensation and Benefits Staffing Ratios (November 2005)
Conducting Dependent Verification Eligibility Audits (December 2011)
De Minimis Fringe Benefits (November 2005)
Developing Effective Reward Communications (April 2011)
Disability Management (In Revision)    
Domestic Partner Benefits (May 2000)    
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (In Revision)    
Identity Theft Protection (January 2006)    
The Impact of Public Pensions on State and Local Budgets
(Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, October 2010)
Integrating FMLA with EAP/Work-Life Services (ComPsych, 2010)
Is It Time to Reconsider Cash Balance Plans?
(Sibson Consulting, a Division of Segal, March 2011)
Mergers & Acquisitions:
Due Diligence for the TR Professional
(November 2005)
Military Leave Q&A (2001)
Population Health Management: Achieving Results in a Challenging Environment Part I (Buck Consultants, 2005)
Population Health Management: Achieving Results in a Challenging Environment Part II (Buck Consultants, 2005)
Proposed PBGC Rule Has Potential to Expand Liability of Pension Plan Sponsors (McDermott Will & Emory, October 2010)
PTO Banks (December 2013)
Total Compensation Statement Tips (December 2004)
The Power of Vacations (July 2014)
Health Care
Cafeteria Plans (May 2000)
Changes Ahead:Health Care Reform in a Challenging Economy (Towers Watson, September 2010)
Health Reimbursement Arrangements (In Revision)
Medical Savings Accounts (In Revision)
Medicare Retiree Drug Subsidy: Navigating the Administrative Maze (In Revision)
Wellness Plans
Executive Retirement Programs at River Branch General (Buck Consultants, 2005)
Business Continuity Planning for H1N1:
A Guide for Total Rewards and HR Professionals
(September 2009)
Changing the Culture: Best Practices for Employee Evacuation Planning (Empathia, April 2011)
The Future of Attraction, Motivation and Retention: A Literature Review (November 2007)
HR Function:
Transforming the HR Function Through Shared Services
(Buck Consultants, 2005)
HR Self Service:
If Done Right Self Service Can Produce Tremendous Results
(Buck Consultants, 2005)
HRO and Technology:
The Wired HR Landscape
(Veritude, 2005)
HR's Leadership Role in Organizational Spin-Offs (Buck Consultants, 2005)
Independent Contractor vs. Employee (October 2005)
Outsourced Contract Centers:
The Service Imperative
(Buck Consultants, 2005)
Pandemic Influenza:
Managing the Risks of an Invisible Threat
(Aon, October 2005)
Quantifying the Value of Human Resources: An Analysis of Workforce Metrics and Analytics (April 2013)
Seven Action Steps to Achieve HRO Quality (Fidelity Employer Services, 2007)
Social Media Gets to Work (The Korn/Ferry Institute, July 2010)
Social Media in the Workplace:
Effectively Managing Employee Use
(April 2010)
The New Human Resources Department:
Embracing Social Media and Being Smart About It
(Achievers, July 2012)
Total Rewards in Brazil:
Results of a Peer Discussion
(August 2010)
Total Rewards in the Public Sector:
An Opportunity for Integration and Communication
(January 2010)
Update on H1N1 Pandemic and Preparing for the 2010 Influenza Season (Buck Consultants, 2010)
The Use of Total Rewards Statements in the Public Sector (August 2010)

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