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  What Makes Human Resources Effective
Publish Date:  May 28, 2013
Focusing on several key capabilities can help human resources become more effective. hat does the HR function of an organization have to do to be a high performer? To determine what makes human resources effective, the authors surveyed senior HR executives and other executives from more than 200 U.S. corporations. The web-based survey asked the executives about how human resources operates in their organizations and how effective it is. The survey results showed...
e-Learning Skill Building Seminar, Skill-Building Seminar
Rewarding Talent Across Borders: Policy and Strategy
...with an understanding of how to structure cost-effective policies to achieve specific mobility goals within the...Understanding their unique mobility drivers can help organizations make more focused business decisions. Particular emphasis will be...Program Effectively allocating the expatriate mobility program budget to meet corporate goals Integrating competitive trends information Who Should Register This course is designed for human resources professionals responsible for managing expatriates who have completed...
Skill-Building Seminar
Global Rewards Analysis — A Framework for Success
...analysis and develop recommendations about where there should be consistency among countries and where it makes sense to have a local approach. The key reward components of compensation, allowances and benefits will be discussed. An easy, cost-effective framework, the "Global Rewards Checklist," is provided to facilitate regional compensation and...Register This course would be beneficial for analysts and senior analysts in HR, compensation analysts, compensation managers, global rewards professionals, benefits professionals, mergers and acquisitions...
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  How Health-Care-Claims Advocacy Can Improve Productivity
Publish Date:  June 2010
Sometimes the most effective strategies for refreshing employee engagement in tough economic times are proac...in the everyday management of a strategic HR organization. Offering access to a health-care...as they struggle to advocate for themselves with their health insurers and providers. So too for the HR departments whose limited resources make such advocacy on behalf of their employees...ical to the success of an overall human capital strategy and, in turn, the effec...
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  Bookshelf - HR Soaring into the Great Wide Open
Publish Date:  January 2004
...ISBN 0-47143-421-3 The Human Resources Software Handbook Evaluating Technology Solutions for Your Organization This practical resource is written for HR managers who have little or no expertise working with information technology, as well as for managers who have a trusted IT department that they can call on for support. It offers the information, suggestions and techniques that HR professionals need to make the most effective decision when selecting HR software. It outlines...
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  Corporate Boards and Human Resources
Publish Date:  November 18, 2015
...real world John Boudreau Research Director, Center for Effective Organizations at University of Southern California Edward E...at University of Southern California Corporate Boards and Human Resources Many recent articles and books have examined the role of human resources in U.S. corporations and have come to the conclusion that human...about human resource management? What role does the HR function play in providing it? The role of...
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  HR/Compensation Committee RFP Conflict of Interest
Publish Date:  October 27, 2010
...How to Hardwire Your Business for Lasting Success, and Principal, Axiom Consulting Partners If managed appropriately, this approach is an effective means of leveraging the subject matter expertise of HR professionals to make best use of the compensation committee's time. To remain ethical and efficient, it is imperative that the roles of human resources and the compensation committee be clearly delineated. Ideally, human resources, or more specifically, total rewards subject-matter experts, provide staff...
  Changing the DNA of HR
Publish Date:  September 2001
Changing the DNA of HR Closing Thoughts Changing the DNA of HR Dr. John Sullivan, San Francisco State University Let's face it: HR is one of the first overhead functions cut when times get tough. We...assumes you add no value unless you can prove otherwise). HR's charge will be to continually shift resources from low return HR programs toward those that produce higher return. Rather than waiting for the CFO to...
  Changing the DNA of HR
Publish Date:  January 2001
Changing the DNA of HR Closing Thoughts Changing the DNA of HR Dr. John Sullivan, San Francisco State University Let's face it: HR is one of the first overhead functions cut when times get tough. We...assumes you add no value unless you can prove otherwise). HR's charge will be to continually shift resources from low return HR programs toward those that produce higher return. Rather than waiting for the CFO to...
Total Rewards 2020: What to Expect in the Next Five Years
Publish Date:  September 8, 2015
...of these components must be supported through HR analytics. Specifically, you will hear trends and...use big data and HR analytics to make better total rewards decisions. Develop a multi...designing total rewards programs that work. Define effective communication strategies that reinforce the total rewards...E. Gross is a Senior Partner in the Philadelphia office of Mercer. He is responsible for creating Mercers approach toward innovative human resources and compensation programs for all levels of...
workspan Article
  Renewing Faith and Trust in HR
Publish Date:  February 25, 2015
...out of regulatory hot water. Such issues are crucial to the business and represent areas where human resources makes vital contributions. I find that senior executives have mixed atti-tudes toward human resources. Executives rely heavily on human resources and often want to see the department bring more business value to the table. To be effective, HR executives must be more conversant and fluent in discussing the financials of the business, including under-standing profit...
Research and Surveys
Survey Brief - Total Rewards Professionals Career Development Survey
Publish Date:  April 26, 2013
A Report by WorldatWork April 2013 Total Rewards Professionals' Career Development Survey research Cultivate Professional Development ©2013 WorldatWork Any laws, regulations or other legal requirements noted in this publication are, to the best of the publisher's knowledge, accurate and current as of this report's publishing date. WorldatWork is providing this information with the understanding that WorldatWork is not engaged, directly or by implication, in rendering legal, accounting or other related professional services. You are urged to consult with an...
WorldatWork Journal
  Retention of Key Talent and the Role of Rewards
Publish Date:  November 6, 2012
E conomic recovery in the United States has been slow, but competition for key talent has already become intense (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012). Numerous scholars predict that talent shortages are going to increase well into the next decade, which will limit the ability of companies to expand and in fact, jeopardize their chances of survival as global competi- tion becomes more intense (Coombs 2012; Gordon 2009; Krell 2011). These long-term shortages are the result of Baby...
Research and Surveys
Survey Brief - WorldatWork Conference Survey
Publish Date:  August 2012
...and benefits choice at WorldatWork's recent Total Rewards 2012 Conference. The survey was extended to allow other HR professionals, who were unable to attend the WorldatWork Conference, an opportunity to participate. METHODOLOGY Survey participants (both WorldatWork...kinds of programs employers should implement, the choices certainly are instructive. Possible interpretations include: • The organization needs to make sure its foundational programs are well-designed in terms of competitiveness and equity, and clearly communicated. • Variable pay...
workspan Article
  Bridging the Gap — How HR Consultants Can Help Managers Understand and Work with HR.pdf
Publish Date:  November 2009
A s an HR consultant (whether internal or external), have you ever had the benefit...sionals to remember to ensure the most effective engagements between you and your management team...gain much credibility with managers if you communicate using language they know. Behave like a PR person for all 2. of human resources. Managers don't know in detail the...need for the new job. In addition, make the managers feel like they've talked...
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