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Too Much of a Good Thing? The Perks and Pitfalls of Unlimited PTO

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Unlimited vacation policies are getting a lot of attention these days as organizations try to navigate the myriad paid sick leave laws, improve workplace culture and boost employee morale. Need to go to Hawaii for five weeks? Yes, go -- it's paid time off! Need the afternoon off to watch your child in a school play? Sure, it's paid time off! Need a "mental health" day or two (or five)? Why not -- it's paid time off! No questions asked. But before implementing such a program, there are some things to consider. Is it too much of a good thing? Will it improve morale and work-life balance, or will it cause fear within the organization? Does unlimited PTO truly attract and retain top talent? What about employees who need an extended medical leave of absence? Are they paid for the full leave duration? "Unlimited" may not really mean without limits.

Attend this session to learn what you should know and consider before transforming your total rewards strategy to include an unlimited paid time off program.

In this session you will:
•        Gain a new perspective on PTO strategies
•        Learn the pros and cons of having an unlimited PTO program
•        Hear how different organizations approach unlimited PTO.

AJ Gallagher
Galatro, Marina

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