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The Pay Transparency Spectrum: Finding Your Fit

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Research demonstrates that there is a clear link between pay transparency, employee experience, and business success. But what should transparency look like in your organization? And where should you start if you’re looking to launch or expand your pay transparency initiatives?

Changing market conditions like increased employee access to online salary data, new social sharing and review sites, more millennials entering the workforce, legislative changes, and even press cycles surrounding pay equity and adjustment decisions by leading companies have all brought pay transparency to the forefront in total rewards strategy discussions. But many total rewards professionals have encountered resistance to improving transparency or implementing pay transparency initiatives in their organizations, as business leaders can be reluctant to share or publicize pay information. For many organizations, complete pay transparency is not the right cultural fit; nor is it a realistic goal. Instead, total rewards professionals should be focused on understanding how transparent their organization is today, identifying the culturally-appropriate level of transparency that will work for their organization, and delivering tools and training to HR and line-of-business leaders that will move the needle on pay transparency in order to meet employee and market demands for transparency on their terms.

In this session, you’ll gain an understanding of the pay transparency spectrum, and discover how best-in-class companies are aligning pay transparency initiatives with their unique positions on the spectrum. You’ll explore how you can leverage tools like transparency audits, implementation frameworks, and internal training programs to identify and deliver a culturally-appropriate level of pay transparency that improves the employee experience in your organization.

You’ll benefit from a review of several case studies along with a discussion of the pay transparency spectrum and the implementation of pay transparency initiatives.

You’ll learn:
• What drivers are contributing to pay transparency discussions in the total rewards community
• Why pay transparency should be considered a spectrum, not an on-or-off switch
• How to identify the right level of pay transparency for your organization, and the specific culture, compliance, and process drivers that could affect how transparent your organization should be
• How to leverage a pay transparency audit to better understand the perceived level(s) of pay transparency across different employee populations in your organization today
• How best-in-class companies are implementing pay transparency initiatives that align with their placement on the pay transparency spectrum

This session is ideal for compensation, sales compensation, executive compensation, HR and total rewards professionals of all levels. Identify the culturally-appropriate level of transparency that will work for your organization. Register today!

Katie Stukowski
Kim Scott
Jacob Pacific
Alys Scott

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