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How to Source and Analyze Data to Increase Business Insights and Impact

Get an inside perspective from seasoned HR analytics pros from Marriott International and Commvault. They'll show you how to maximize your data.

Does your data only give you partial answers? Do you struggle with finding usable data to spot trends? Are you doing manual work to compensate for inflexible models and spreadsheets?

Many comp professionals are facing these challenges while being asked to solve problems that require more context and deeper thinking. 
In this new virtual course, you’ll hear seasoned HR analytics pros from Marriott International and Commvault discuss sourcing and analyzing data that leads to better business insights and impact.

Speakers will discuss data that is widely available and how to use it with your existing internal data, surveys and other data sources.  Through case studies, examples, aspirational examples and discussion, you’ll learn how to creatively address data challenges and explore new data sets and methods.

Attend to learn how to:
• Make the most of the data you have
• Find new and free data sources
• Blend data for context and analysis
• Address factors like bias and knowing the limitations of your data
• Visualize data for better understanding.

Paul Rieman
Bryan Briscoe

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