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Getting the Most from Workday and Other Cloud-based HRIS Solutions

Explore the transformational benefits of cloud-based HRIS and understand the challenges and opportunities of implementing a cloud-based HRIS such as Workday.

Are you looking at implementing a new cloud-based HRIS or experiencing challenges getting the full value from a recent implementation? For many organizations, getting best-practice HR solutions, powerful metrics and dashboards, manager and employee self-service and truly transformational change from their HRIS is challenging.

Join this virtual course to explore the challenges and opportunities of implementing a cloud-based HRIS such as Workday. Speakers will discuss strategies for minimizing surprises and ensuring implementation achieves the greatest return on investment for the organization generally and the total rewards function specifically.

Through case examples, discussion of research and interactive exercises, participants will understand how to minimize risk at the start and ensure sustainability for the long-term.

Attend to understand:
• How cloud-based HRIS can be truly transformational.
• How the greatest risks do not come from data conversion or technology, but from a failure to give job architecture, HR process and change management adequate attention before, during and after deployment.
• Why implementation is best facilitated by a well-defined HR strategy and most importantly a detailed plan for executing that strategy.
• Why getting beyond the break/fix/break/fix/break cycle is critical to sustainability and taking advantage of the constantly expanding functionality.
• Why focusing on a few critical structure and process issues is crucial. Trying to achieve too much too soon can paralyze the organization.

Please note: Prices are subject to change without notice. All sales are nonrefundable. Playback and the on-demand recorded session will be available 30 days following the live event, and you can access the session for 90 days. Your 90-day access begins the day of order.

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