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Cultivating Employee Readiness and Resilience During Disaster and Hardship

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Innovative HR professionals, in partnership with their leadership, have experience creating stories of readiness, resilience and compassion in their workforce. Corporate consciousness around how employees respond to unforeseen events has moved many companies to actively participate in a more wholistic view of well-being and opportunity for workers.  

You’ll hear about macro trends in disaster and hardship relief and how corporations engage in relief, recovery, and resilience as part of both their business continuity efforts and their efforts to ensure employee wellbeing.  Through data from E4E Relief’s Impact Survey, which provides insights from nearly 1,700 responses in a variety of industries, we will demonstrate how corporations contribute to the social safety net.   

In this session, you’ll learn:  

  • The employee-related considerations corporations must address when preparing for potential disasters     
  • How to create or improve a responsive, sustainable employee relief response to unforeseen circumstances (such as natural disasters, economic depressions, or global pandemics) that demonstrates a culture of caring and increased sense of purpose in company culture  
  • How employees evaluate their organizations’ disaster and hardship relief responses  
  • Which indicators point to increased company loyalty & employee engagement  
  • Sustainable and charitable ideas for employee relief   


Holly Welch Stubbing  

Holly is CEO of E4E Relief and Executive Vice President of E4E Relief’s parent organization, Foundation ForThe Carolinas. An accomplished business driver, Holly, together with her team, has led growth from $180M to $2.7B in assets, $18M in total annual revenues and $860M in deferred gifts in the last 20 years. She is a nationally-recognized leader in charitable tax matters and has served on trade association boards and key public policy committees representing nonprofits and philanthropy on the Hill. She holds a BA from Wake College, a JD from the University of Dayton School of Law, and a Global Executive MBA from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. 

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