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Comp 101: Introduction to Compensation

This course, designed for HR professionals, will provide awareness of the impact compensation has on the company’s culture, performance, and ability to attract and retain talent.

Compensation is more than just a paycheck. This course, designed for human resources professionals, will bring greater awareness of the impact compensation has on the company’s culture, performance, and ability to attract and retain high quality talent.

Attendees will gain a greater awareness of the basics of compensation including base pay and variable pay. The course is led by Malika Terry, and is based on years or research, best practice sharing and her own experience as a Total Rewards professional. Malika will lead attendees through a complete understanding of the various elements of a pay, define common compensation terms, review how compensation is determined, and discuss the do’s and don’ts of compensation. 

Key takeaways from this course include:
• Learn the elements of compensation and key terms
• Discuss development of a compensation structure
• Review key compensation actions
• Discuss pay for performance
• Learn how to keep up with legal and regulatory changes.

This course is ideal for emerging and mid-level human resources professionals in the United States who are new to compensation. Learn the role compensation plays in attracting and retaining high quality talent.

Terry Malika

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