Excel Training for Compensation Professionals

Advanced Excel Skills for Compensation Professionals

Sept. 14 • Sept. 28

Dynamic Arrays: Excel Turbo Charged

Oct. 27

Hello Excel Power Query, My New BGG

Sept. 24

Advanced Excel Skills for Compensation Professionals

Now Online with Dianne -- Create Powerful Excel Dashboards to Streamline Compensation Work

Are you a compensation professional who routinely uses Excel to analyze large amounts of data and dream of being able to work more efficiently? If so, this Excel class is for you where you will learn advanced Excel techniques.

  • Discover how to create powerful interactive Excel dashboards that consolidate large amounts of data into executive summary views to facilitate business decision making.
  • Learn advanced Excel functions, including complex LOOKUP and IF formulas, data validation and protection, array formulas and macros to do pay and benefits calculations and pay and commissions calculations.
  • Find out how to build Excel dashboards using real-world scenarios.

This new online class helps you maximize your time and advance your skills…while staying safe. Each class is divided into three two-week blocks. During each block, you will first study independently using a guided recording from Dianne. Then you will join Diane herself in a two-hour, live online session where she will go over the lesson, answer any questions and share additional insight into advanced Excel techniques.

Don’t miss out! Due to Dianne’s busy schedule, this course will only be offered two times this year! Register today.
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Dynamic Arrays: Excel Turbo-Charged

No more Control, Shift, Enter! No more implicit intersection! Arrays are now dynamic

Learn the new dynamic array functionality introduced to Office 365/Microsoft 365 Excel users in 2020. This online class showcases many astonishing applications of these new formulas to transform your rewards work resiliently.

  • Learn how to use one simple INDIRECT formula to bring in an entire set of regional pay ranges based on user choice.
  • Discover the syntax of XLOOKUP and its advantages over the traditional VLOOKUP formula.
  • Find out how to use XLOOKUP to return a dynamic array of market data, looking left, right, or using wildcards, and how to add an “if not found” clause to the formula.
  • Explore how to use the new dynamic array formulas SORT, SORTBY, FILTER and UNIQUE to create dynamic rewards dashboards.
  • Learn how to use the dynamic array reference notation in formulas and data validation lists.
  • Examine how to use the new dynamic array formula SEQUENCE to easily set up a range of numbers, letters or dates for use with rewards work.

PLUS, all attendees will receive the Excel spreadsheets and detailed instructions for replication of the functions demonstrated after the presentation.

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Hello Excel Power Query, My New BFF

Take your Excel skills to a completely new mind-blowing level

One of the smartest and most powerful tools ever developed for Excel, Power Query has amazing capabilities for extracting, transforming and loading data. In this online class, Dianne will demonstrate four applications of Power Query.

  • How to massage an employee data set including filtering and sorting the data, removing columns, calculating age, time in job and extracting name from email address; then use this data to calculate medians per gender/job title; then create pivots from the data with the ability to refresh all queries and pivots with one click.
  • How to scrape data off a website, and massage the data for use in analysis.
  • How to unpivot problem sales commission data for use in analysis.
  • How to merge and transform functionality so months of labor turnover data for use in a pivot table can be loaded and added to your pivot table with just a single click.

Bonus: Attendees will receive all the Excel spreadsheets demonstrated and detailed instructions for replication of the Power Query functions.

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Dianne Auld

Reward Consultant
Auld Compensation Consulting

Dianne Auld, CCP, GRP, CSCP, WLCP owns a consulting practice, Auld Compensation Consulting, in Cape Town, South Africa. . She consults to a wide range of organizations globally in all areas of total rewards. She has developed and taught courses in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Dianne is also a faculty member at WorldatWork and a reviewer for the WorldatWork Journal. Well respected and known as an expert in the compensation field and Excel, Dianne's skills and expertise are in high demand. In fact, her sessions at the WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference and Exhibition typically fill to capacity. She is the author of the popular Dianne Auld’s Excel Tips, third edition.

Dianne has partnered with WorldatWork to develop several educational products to assist compensation professionals with their day-to-day tasks in Excel, including "Working Smarter and Faster with Excel Formulas, Charts and ASAP Utilities,” “Regression Analysis Made Easy with Excel,” “Hello Excel Power Query, My New BFF”, "Excel Skills for Compensation Professionals," and "Advanced Excel Skills and Dashboards for Compensation Professionals."

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