When AI Isn’t the Answer: Ensure Those Critical Soft Skills Don’t Perish


Wherever you look—the World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Jobs’ Report, Royal Bank of Canada, McKinsey, etc.—it is becoming increasingly clear that to succeed in the workplace of the future, soft skills must be developed. Especially for leaders. We’re living in an ‘instant economy’ fueled by accessibility to information in a way we’ve never experienced. As leaders, we need to be better active listeners, problem solvers, critical thinkers, dynamic speakers, managers of time, and learners. We need this for employees, as well. As we become more educated about AI and other technological advancements, and with a workforce weaned on video games, we cannot overlook the critical need to develop soft skills.

The problem, though, is that the traditional tips to be better active listeners is to ‘make eye contact, give nods of affirmation, ask questions, sit still.’ These tips are frustratingly elementary- even motherly. We don’t even have a way to assess soft skills, let alone how to improve them. How can we measure what we can’t set a baseline for and don’t know how to measure?

In this presentation, Eric Termuende will walk attendees through the current and future working environment to build a better sense of trust, belonging, and better communication.

You’ll learn:

  • Three best practices to boost soft skill development amongst team members
  • How to proactively create a sense of belonging in the workplace
  • How to mitigate poor short turnover and high tenure
  • What employees need to feel in order to be their best at work
  • How to uncover myths about engagement in 2019
  • How to identity which environments people will thrive in and what story to tell to attract others.

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Eric Termuende

Co-Founder | NoW Innovations

Eric is a thought leader on optimizing workplace culture, the future of work, and engagement in the workplace. An entrepreneur and bestselling author of Rethink Work, Eric is the co-founder of NoW Innovations, an organization that democratizes access to the most innovative people, culture and operational practices for HR. He dispels generational groupings to help organizations re-humanize and gain more out of their workforce. Eric’s actionable takeaways help organizations drive engagement through connection and trust.

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