Employers Fail to Deliver on the Employee Experience

The Four Pillars of the Employee Experience

  1. Connection: Feeling connected to your manager, colleagues, company and community.
  2. Meaning: Knowing your company, and the work you do, has meaning and purpose.
  3. Impact: Knowing the work you do affects your colleagues and company for the better.
  4. Appreciation: Feeling acknowledged and appreciated for your contributions.

Aug. 9, 2017 — There are four key pillars on which the employee experience is built: connection, meaning, impact and appreciation. Yet, the majority of companies aren't delivering what employees want and need to have a positive employee experience.

In "The Employee Experienced Defined," a report released by HR SaaS company YouEarnedIt, motivations and behaviors around what encompasses a positive employee experience was explored. More than 750 employees at more than 600 companies ranging from specialists to executives across more than 30 industries responded.

Key findings:

  • 93% of employees said it's important for them to feel connected to managers, colleagues, their company and the community.
  • 52% of employees said they feel their companies don't value meaning enough even though 93% of employees want to know their work contributes to something bigger than themselves.
  • 94% of employees are eager to know the work they do affects their colleagues and their company for the better, but only half of respondents believe their company considers it important.
  • 96% of employees rank appreciation as important to their employee experience.
  • 49% of respondents said company culture influences their employee experience more than their physical environment (22%) or the technology and tools they use to do their job (29%).

"To build a high-performing team that delivers results, it's crucial that companies ensure the key facets of the employee experience are prioritized and well executed in day-to-day interactions with employees," said Autumn Manning, co-founder and CEO of YouEarnedIt. "Ensuring your company has built a strong employee experience … is a much quicker and more sustainable way to fuel results rather than traditional methods that have been implemented in the past."

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