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Nov. 3, 2017 — 59% of employees report being in the high-stress category, with workload and people issues being the top work stressors (39% and 31%, respectively).

These are the findings of the 2017 StressPulse survey released by ComPsych, which found that 56% of employees see accomplishing basic tasks as the top work priority.

"Given that it's an employee market, with some thinking of greener pastures, relationships at work may be strained as people can seem less engaged," said Richard A. Chaifetz, Ph.D., founder, chairman and CEO of ComPsych. "Employers would do well to focus on addressing the causes of stress, fostering teamwork and retaining their top talent in the coming months."

To gauge employee sentiment on what changes might persuade them to stay with their current employer, ComPsych asked, “Other than compensation, what would most motivate you to stay in your job?” Respondents said:

  • More flexible work options (24%)
  • More meaningful or satisfying work (23%)
  • More opportunity for growth (18%)
  • More recognition/appreciation from boss or co-workers (16%)
  • Improved benefits (e.g., health, wellness, concierge) (14%)
  • Other (5%).

Additional survey results:

Stress Levels

  • 59% of respondents have high levels of stress, with extreme fatigue/feeling out of control
  • 35% have constant but manageable stress levels
  • 6% have low stress levels

Work Priorities

  • 56% see accomplishing basic responsibilities as most important
  • 27% see being present as most important
  • 17% see performance improvement as most important

Causes of Stress at Work

  • 39% cited workload
  • 31% cited people issues
  • 19% cited juggling work and personal life
  • 6% cited lack of job security
  • 5% said none of the above (I'm not stressed)

Causes of Stress at Home

  • 25% said financial issues
  • 25% said family, friends or relationship issues
  • 19% cited juggling work with personal life
  • 13% said personal to-do list
  • 8% said health issues
  • 11% said none of the above (I'm not stressed)

Effect of Stress on Daily Productivity

  • 41% lose 15 to 30 minutes per day in productivity due to stress
  • 36% lose one hour or more per day
  • 23% said their productivity is unaffected by stress

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