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Education Your Way — Method of Learning

Blended Learning — Classroom — Self-Paced E-Learning — Self-Study Material

Your days are full and budgets are slim, so finding the resources to continue strengthening your skills and further your professional development can be a challenge. WorldatWork has developed a variety of formats to help you meet your needs so you can stay on top of your game today and tomorrow.

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Blended Learning
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Benefits of Blended Learning:

  • 24/7 access provides greater convenience and flexibility in your schedule and time.
  • Access to subject-matter expert.
  • Peer networking through established discussion boards.
  • Less interference with job responsibilities—study can be conducted outside of work hours if needed.
  • Integration of group and independent study enhances depth of education.
  • Opportunity to access additional resources, such as audio files, articles, white papers and more.
  • No travel expense.

Courses and Seminars
Feel rushed in a two day class? No time for continuing your education due to your work schedule? It’s time to Get Blended.  Blended Learning offers our formally designed educational content that leverages a combination of independent and collaborative learning opportunities. Twenty-four seven, Blended Learning provides time to work independently on course materials through e-learning, discussion boards,  tools, templates and resources for practical application; as well as access and interaction with the facilitator and other class participants.


Benefits of classroom education:

  • Direct interaction with instructor or presenter
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues
  • Limited distractions with group-focused study
  • Optional certification exam (if applicable)

Classroom — Courses & Seminars
If you are a face-to-face learner, our traditional classroom format is the answer for you. With certification-preparation classes scheduled worldwide, you will be sure to find a class near you.

In just 90 minutes receive the latest information, and find out about the newest trends and best practices with these interactive online sessions.

Self-Paced e-Learning

Benefits of self-paced education:

  • Study when your time allows
  • At your own pace
  • Online modular-based learning with easy navigation
  • Optional certification exam (if applicable)

Online Courses & Seminars
Unable to carve out a block of time? Take advantage of our self-paced certification preparation e-learning option and study when your time allows, at your own pace with the guidance of an instructor.

Topic Briefs
In 120 minutes or less, you can be brought up to speed to make educated decisions in these self-paced, Web-based learning programs. Search for the information you need through Area of Study, Casual Conversations and Conference Sessions.

On-Demand Webinars
Missed a live Webinar? Replay our popular Webinars whenever you want and as often as you like for up to 90 days.

Self-Study Material

Benefits of self-paced education:

  • Study when your time allows
  • At your own pace
  • Optional certification exam

Self-Study Course Materials
If you want the independence of a book learner, purchase content-rich certification preparation course materials to study when your time allows.  With this option there is no instructor or subject matter expert.