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Preparing for Courses

Whether you have registered for a WorldatWork course or you are still making your decision, this page has all of the information you need to be prepared and get the most out of your course.

What to Bring/Course Materials

Please note: Log in above to view the materials you'll need for courses you are currently registered to take.

For specific WorldatWork courses, participants need to bring materials such as a laptop or calculator with them to the course. This information will be confirmed in advance of the course for registered participants.

What to Expect in Each Type of Course

  • Classroom
  • E-Learning
  • Blended Learning
Overview  |  Course Materials  |  Exam Information  |  Cancellation/Refund Policy

Traditional Classroom Overview


If you are a face-to-face learner, our traditional classroom format is the answer for you. Courses are offered around the world, sometimes hosted by a local association or a corporate partner. Check the course schedule.

The typical daily schedule for WorldatWork classroom events is as follows:

8:00-8:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast
8:30 a.m.-Noon Morning Session with 10:00 Break
Noon-1:00 p.m. Lunch
1:00-5:00 p.m. Afternoon Session with 3:00 Break

Please note: The schedule for some courses and locations may vary. A course confirmation email will be delivered in advance of your course with more details.

Please notify WorldatWork (customerrelations@worldatwork.org) if you have a disability that will prohibit full participation, and appropriate arrangements will be made with the facility.

WorldatWork does not permit the use of audio or video devices at educational events.

WorldatWork 511

WorldatWork 511: The Course and Event Disruption Notification Line 877-511-1608

WorldatWork 511
is a course and event disruption notification line in case any natural or man-made emergency impacts a scheduled educational event. WorldatWork 511 streamlines the process to alert course presenters, participants and partners of any last-minute changes. WorldatWork 511 can be used by participants and presenters to report an emergency in a voice message. Participants will be updated by email with the status of the course, seminar or event.

Overview  |  Course Materials  |  Exam Information  |  Technical Requirements  |  Cancellation/Refund Policy



E-learning is a self-paced way of studying that allows you to access your education when it’s most convenient to you for a given period of time. Access to the e-learning product lasts for 60 days and begins the day you purchase it, not the day you start it. Be sure to download any class materials prior to product expiration. Upon purchase, you will be able to access your course through the “My Profile” page and scrolling to "My Online Education."

30-day extensions are available for many WorldatWork e-learning products at “My Online Education” for a fee if purchased before your original access expires.

Blended Learning


Blended learning combines self-paced learning with live instruction and interaction via an online classroom environment. Blended learning courses may be either facilitated or completely self-paced, and access to each course varies for a certain period of time. Course access is through BlackBoard, which can be found for all registered participants through the “My Profile” page under "My Online Education."

Facilitated classes have a scheduled start date and run between 4-8 weeks. Self-paced courses have no scheduled start date. You may access the course material 24 hours after purchase for 60 days, and you define the pace at which you review the material.

30-day extensions are available for some components of blended learning education at "My Online Education" for a fee if purchased before your original access expires.

Get more details in the Blended Learning FAQs.

Course Material Amendments

*Course amendments include minor corrections and updates (not affecting the examination) that are intended to maximize the currency of the course materials between publishing dates.

ACE v1.09.2 - Advanced Concepts in Executive Compensation
C8 v1 13 1 Business Acumen for Compensation Professionals
GR2 v3.05.4 Quantitative Methods
PER_v1-09-2_Principles of Executive Rewards.pdf
SCP v1.11.1 Sales Compensation Design — Developing Incentive Plans That Work
T3 v1.05.4 Quantitative Methods
T7 v1.14.1 International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals
W1 v1.06.2 Introduction to Work-Life Effectiveness