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Employees Working in the U.S. Southwest Are the Most Burned Out
Publish Date:  November 20, 2015
...a day, and 53% feel burned out. Other findings: One in five employees cited work-life issues as a reason for considering a job change. Additionally, one in four employees say flexible schedules and the option to telework motivates them to do their best work, and nearly a third note work-life balance as a leading contributor to their loyalty. Nearly half of employees reported that they can't get up from their desk to...
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b>Telework on an Ad-Hoc Basis Ranks Most Popular Flexibility Option for U.S. Employers
Publish Date:  November 12, 2015
Telework on an Ad-Hoc Basis Ranks Most Popular Flexibility Option for U.S. Employers Press Room Press Contact: Melissa Sharp Murdock 202-315-5565 melissa.sharp@worldatwork.org Amy Repke 202-315-5514 amy.repke@worldatwork...ROI) of flexibility programs by measuring productivity, employee engagement and performance ratings. (See Figure 33.) "The popularity of telecommuting matches what we're seeing at FlexJobs, in terms of what job seekers are most interested in when...
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  Modern Service Awards — Celebrating Milestones is Still a Cornerstone for Employee Recognition
Publish Date:  October 26, 2015
Celebrating Milestones is Still a Cornerstone for Employee Recognition By Cord Himelstein, Michael C. Fina Modern Service Awards | 35 november 2015 workspan We celebrate personal milestones to recognize growth, maturity and track our accomplishments. Honoring a birthday or anniversary is a time to acknowledge how far we've come in life and our careers, which is why celebrating work milestones with service awards Make awards meaningful with modern programs. ©AdobeStock.com © 2015 WorldatWork. All Rights Reserved. For information about reprints/re-use,...
5 Insights About the Work Environment and the Role of Office Design
Publish Date:  October 7, 2015
...work-life balance to mobility options. And while a lot of different factors go into the work environment, following are the top five insights from the study: 1. The office is still THE place to be. While telework options seem to be more popular than ever, the survey found that, in reality, offices are considered more ideal for a variety of settings and options for different activities, from quiet focused time to small-team meetings...
Press Releases
WorldatWork Hosts "Rethinking the Workweek"
Publish Date:  October 6, 2015
WorldatWork Hosts "Rethinking the Workweek" Press Room Press Contact: Melissa Sharp Murdock 202-315-5565 melissa.sharp@worldatwork.org Amy Repke 202-315-5514 amy.repke@worldatwork.org WorldatWork Hosts "Rethinking the Workweek" A national forum of corporate executives, federal government and nonprofit leaders discuss the success and challenges of workplace flexibility Oct. 6, 2015 — WASHINGTON, D.C.  — Workplace flexibility is quickly evolving and dramatically changing the way Americans live and work. In honor of National Work & Family Month , on October 6, WorldatWork ,...
Flexibility in the Workplace Remains Flat, Managers Continue to Get on Board
Publish Date:  October 6, 2015
...all this engineering achievement, couldn't they do anything about Earth's traffic? His solution? Teleworking. Jack Niles is credited for coining the term, but it wasn't until decades later when technology enabled the practice of telework to catch on. Many bosses are beginning to agree: Offering flexible work options for employees not only frees the roads of commuters, but also boosts morale, motivation and engagement. Today, even with digital advances, rates of companies...
Press Releases
Majority of U.S. Employers Support Workplace Flexibility
Publish Date:  October 5, 2015
...organizations do on the first or even second try. It's an evolutionary process that occurs as employees tap into what they need to achieve work-life effectiveness. By far, the most prevalent flexibility programs offered are telework days on an ad-hoc basis, flex time and compressed workweeks. From 2011 to 2015, flexibility programs have varied according to the type of program offered and the organization's demographics, industry and culture. Additionally, 41% of...
Research and Surveys
2016 Seal Application.pdf
Publish Date:  September 28, 2015
2016 Seal of Distinction Application Page | 1 WorldatWork Work-Life 2016 Seal of Distinction Application Demographics Name Title/Function Organization Street Address City, State, Zip Code Phone Email Company Website Your organization is:   o Private sector - publicly traded (stock ticker) o Private sector - privately held o Nonprofit/Not-for-profit or public sector   Please choose one category that best describes the industry in which your organization operates.   o Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting o...
workspan Article
  Flexible Work Options — How Ford Achieves a Healthful Work-Life Balance
Publish Date:  September 23, 2015
...Options | 27 october 2015 workspan 28 | workspan october 2015 Out of the flexibility options offered by employers, teleworking is offered by 88 percent of organizations, reports WorldatWork's 2013 survey on workplace flexibility. The survey reports that telework on an ad-hoc basis is common, but telework full time was only offered by one-third of the organizations that participated in the study. Ford's Flexible Work Arrangements Whether it is working a four-day...
workspan Article
  2015 Trends in Workplace Flexibility
Publish Date:  September 23, 2015
...9 % 23 % 68 % What do managers report regarding productivity of teleworking employees? (n=257) 2015 Trends in Workplace Flexibility We offer this program to all or some employees We do not offer this program to any employees Telework on ad-hoc basis (meet a repair person, sick child, etc.) Flex time (flexible start/stop times) Part-time schedules (with or without benefits) Phased return from leave Telework on a regular monthly basis (at least one...
Discussion Post
Posted: July 2015
Does your organization have employed attorneys that telework? Do you have an established program for attorneys? Do the attorneys telework full-time, by established schedule or as needed? Has teleworking for attorneys affected productivity
When It Comes to TR Programs, Employers Favor Performance Recognition, Flex Time and PTO Policies
Publish Date:  July 14, 2015
...spending accounts (FSAs). 47% of responding organizations are adopting a paid time off (PTO) bank that gives employees a cumulative number of paid days off. 69% of companies report allowing employees flex time. 71% of respondents offer telework. "Creating a work environment that makes your employees feel like assets to your company is an essential part of today's business," said Anne Ruddy, president and CEO of WorldatWork. "By designing an effective total rewards program...
Americans Are Overworked and Burnt Out, But Surprisingly Happy at Work
Publish Date:  June 30, 2015
Americans Are Overworked and Burnt Out, But Surprisingly Happy at Work Americans Are Overworked and Burnt Out, But Surprisingly Happy at Work June 30, 2015 — More than half of employees report feeling overworked and burnt out (53%), but the overwhelming majority (86%) are still happy at work and motivated to move up in their organizations. These are the results from the inaugural workplace index conducted by Staples Advantage , the business-to-business division of Staples Inc....
Research and Surveys
Survey Brief - 50 Total Rewards Programs and Practicespdf.pdf
Publish Date:  June 25, 2015
50 Total Rewards Programs and Practices: A survey of what is in use today A Report by WorldatWork, June 2015 About WorldatWork® - The Total Rewards Association WorldatWork (www.worldatwork.org) is a nonprofit human resources association for professionals and organizations focused on compensation, benefits, work-life effec-tiveness and total rewards - strategies to attract, motivate and retain an engaged and productive workforce. WorldatWork and its affiliates provide comprehensive education, certification, research, advocacy and community, enhancing careers of professionals and, ultimately,...
Employees Required to Be Present in the Workplace Despite Severe Weather
Publish Date:  June 11, 2015
...Regular training is important, but it's also critical to have the right products in place." Getting work done when an emergency strikes is a problem for many businesses, as 55% of office workers are unable to telework. Communication is another issue, with nearly 30% of office workers saying they receive last-minute notification (or none at all) about office closures. The survey also revealed discrepancies between employers' and employees' perceptions of safety processes and...
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