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WorldatWork Journal
  Published Research in Total Rewards
Publish Date:  April 15, 2014
Published Research in Total Rewards A review of total rewards, compensation, benefits and HR-management research reports. (Compiled by the editors from the WorldatWork Newsline column at Average 401(k) Balance Nearly Doubles Since Downturn The average 401(k) balance continued its growth trend to end the fourth quarter of 2013 at a new record high of $89,300, up 15.5% from one year earlier, and nearly double what is tradition-ally considered the market low of March 2009 when it...
workspan Article
  Meet 2014s Work-Life Rising Stars
Publish Date:  March 28, 2014
Jim Fickess WorldatWork The two 2014 Work-Life Rising Stars come from different generations and industries. member central Meet 201 4's Work-Life Rising Stars Gail Henderson, a "tail-end" Baby Boomer, has worked in human resources for 26 years at Deere  & Co., a 177-year-old company that manu-factures products and equipment and provides services primarily for agriculture and construction. Millennial Jessica Lee has been with Discovery Communications, the world's largest nonfic-tion media company, founded in the 1980s, since starting as an intern there in 2008....
Press Releases
b>WorldatWork is Proud to Observe National Telework Week 2014
Publish Date:  March 4, 2014
WorldatWork is Proud to Observe National Telework Week 2014 Press Room Press Contact: Melissa Sharp 202-315-5565 Karyn-Siobhán Robinson 202-315-5514 WorldatWork is Proud to Observe National Telework Week 2014 WASHINGTON, D.C., March 4, 2014 — The recent snow storm that shut down much of the northeast is a timely reminder of how much telework helps companies, the federal government and our economy...
Press Releases
b>Resource Sheet: WorldatWork Telework Background and Resources
Publish Date:  March 4, 2014
WorldatWork Observes National Telework Week 2014 Press Room Press Contact: Melissa Sharp 202-315-5565 Karyn-Siobhán Robinson 202-315-5514 WorldatWork Observes National Telework Week 2014 WorldatWork Telework Background and Resources WASHINGTON, D.C., March 4, 2014 — WorldatWork has the following resources available for reporters covering National Telework Week 2014 (March 3 - 7). Experts WorldatWork experts are available to answer questions on best practices and...
Making the Most of Telework
Publish Date:  March 3, 2014
Making the Most of Telework Share Brought to you by The leader in e-learning for Distributed Work and Workplace Flexibility Making the Most of Telework | March 2014 Today's workforce works in many different ways, even compared to a decade ago. WorldatWork's Rose Stanley discusses the nuances of telework and distributed workforces, and how organizations can make the most of these arrangements. Watch more videos
Telework Stereotypes Don't Match Reality
Publish Date:  February 24, 2014
Telework Stereotypes Don't Match Reality Telework Stereotypes Don't Match Reality Feb. 24, 2014 — Men outpace women by a wide margin when it comes to telework — doing work from home, business center or another location — while women are more likely putting their hours in at their employer's office according to new research that addresses long-standing telework myths and explores the increasing struggles of the open office trend. The Flex+Strategy Group/Work...
Top 10 Most In-Demand Flexible Jobs
Publish Date:  January 27, 2014
...telecommute and remote options to part-time and freelance positions. "With advances in technology and the way we communicate, it is becoming much easier for all different types of industries to offer flexible work arrangements such as telecommuting options," said Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of FlexJobs. "The days when people worked exclusively from their desk in an office setting are already a thing of the past, as most professionals check email, make calls...
Third-Party Library
  Historical practice may not define essential functions in ADA discrimination cases
Publish Date:  January 23, 2014
G R I ST Report : H i s t oric al pr acti ce m ay not defi ne 'ess e nt i a l f unc t i ons ' i n ADA d i s cr imi nati on c as es Su mmary: W het her wri ti ng j ob descri pti ons or det er mini ng w hat reasona bl e acc omm oda t i on a di s...
The 411 on Telework Technology
Publish Date:  January 8, 2014
The 411 on Telework Technology Share Technology that Enables a Virtual Working Environment This is a sample of the tools that are available. Check with your IT staff for more information on the tools' applicability in your organization. Hardware: Basic laptop or desktop computers, including wireless, that have access to the Internet. Tablets and mobile devices that can connect employees to the office. Direct connection via phone — either through a virtual private network (VPN) that...
Third-Party Library
Publish Date:  January 2014
...CEO and other leaders craft strategies that make sense in light of global labor trends and available talent." Organizational performance conductor: "Companies today face an overwhelming number of choices, from boundary-less organizations, virtual teams, contingent workforces, telecommuting, and job sharing, to flexible hours, workforce diversity and more. CHROs help navigate all those options - creating value in the "white space" that other companies take for granted." HR service delivery owner: "Although CHROs are becoming increasingly...
Measuring the ROI of Telework
Publish Date:  December 17, 2013
Measuring the ROI of Telework Measuring the ROI of Telework Programs | 8:25 | December 2013 How can companies quantify their return on investment for telework programs? WorldatWork Practice Leader Rose Stanley talks about ways to find out whether your telework programs are effective as they can be. Watch more videos
workspan Article
  Flat Salary Budgets PPACA and More — The Year in Review
Publish Date:  November 22, 2013
The top total rewards issues of 2013 may surprise you. By Jim Fickess, WorldatWork Total rewards professionals faced a challenging year in designing compensation and benefits packages that attract, retain and motivate the best employees. With more data becoming available, compensation, benefits and work-life initiatives are under increasing pressure to prove they contribute to the bottom line. Increased government regulations, most notably from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010, are playing a role in day-to-day...
Third-Party Library
  OFCCP publishes game-changing final veterans and disability regulations
Publish Date:  November 22, 2013
GRIST R epo rt: OFC CP pu bli sh es gam e- c ha ngi n g fin al v eter ans a nd di sa bil it y re gula ti o ns Su mmary: F i na l ru l es f ro m t he O f f i ce o f F ederal Contr act Co m pli ance Progr a m s (O F CCP) es t abl i s h a...
WorldatWork Journal
  Waiting for the Next Big Ideas in Rewards Management
Publish Date:  November 8, 2013
Frank Giancola Waiting for the Next Big Ideas in Rewards Management F or many years, compensation professionals experienced their share of big ideas offering a deceptively simple solution to an intractable problem or looming crisis. Despite heavy promotion, some have not delivered on their promises for a variety of reasons, including poor execution, limited applica-tions and financial downturns. Skill-based pay plans and broadbanded salary structures are examples of high-profile concepts with unmet expectations, if judged by low...
Job Flexibility Makes Employees More Loyal
Publish Date:  November 4, 2013
...Another 1 in 5 would give up some vacation time, and yet another would give up health benefits. Retirement benefits are up for negotiation with 16% would give up employer-matching retirement contributions. Reasons for wanting more telecommuting and flexible work options included work-life balance as the leading reason (75%), time savings (45%), commute stress (43%), and cost savings (40%). On the topic of worker productivity, when asked where they go if they really...
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