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WorldatWork Scholarship Program

As a recognized educator that values certification and provides professional development, WorldatWork knows that training and education are critical to success. The total rewards association also knows that training and education came at a cost.

WorldatWork is offering scholarships for HR professionals to earn their designations as:

Scholarship recipients are awarded:

Application Period

WorldatWork accepts scholarship applications from Jan. 1 through March 31. Recipients are announced mid-June.

Eligibility Criteria

The WorldatWork Scholarship Program is open to all HR practitioners who are in need of financial assistance to attain professional development and certification. Professionals who are unemployed, underemployed or underfunded are given higher priority.

Scholarships are open to WorldatWork members and nonmembers who have been employed in an HR role for at least two years. Current WorldatWork staff, faculty and board members are ineligible, as are their immediate family members and domestic partners

Application, Review and Certification Process

Scholarship candidates must their complete materials through the WorldatWork Career Center. While this is a scholarship opportunity (not a job opportunity), the technology in the online Career Center allows for easy uploading of required application materials:

  • Résumé or CV.
  • Complete work and salary history.
  • 200-word essay describing the importance of certification to the individual's career development. It should include an explanation of why the scholarship is needed.
  • Letter of recommendation from current supervisor or, if unemployed, the last supervisor or HR colleague. The letter should recommend the individual and support the need for scholarship consideration.

Scholarships are based on need and merit. Recipients will be notified of their acceptance after a formal review.

Once accepted, a WorldatWork staff member will assist each recipient in his/her path toward certification. Recipients have one year to complete as many self-paced e-learning preparation courses and exams associated with the awarded scholarship as they can.

Contact the WorldatWork Customer Advisory Center with any questions at 877-951-9191 (United States or Canada), +1 480-922-2020 (other countries) or customeradvisorycenter@worldatwork.org.