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Frequently Asked Questions for the WorldatWork Scholarship

Who is eligible?
Any HR practitioner with two years of experience interested in obtaining the CCP, CBP, GRP or WLCP is eligible to fill out the application. In your application, you will need to demonstrate a commitment to the profession and a need for the scholarship.

How often can I apply?
A person interested in receiving a scholarship for one of the WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals designations may every year. If you were a scholarship recipient one year and still have a need, you may apply again after one year.

What if I receive the scholarship and then become employed? Do I have to start paying?
The scholarship still remains intact for a full year, regardless of employment status changes. If you get a new job, this is a good opportunity for you to have a conversation with your new employer that you are on the path toward certification and introduce the employer to the benefits of certification.

How long will the review process take?
Scholarship applications will be reviewed after the close of the application window on March 31. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement e-mail when you submit your application, and you will receive an e-mail notifying you if you have not been chosen or if you have been selected as a finalist in May.

How many scholarships will be awarded?
Up to 20 scholarships will be awarded per year, based on candidate need and merit and volume of applications received.

What will be awarded?
For each scholarship awarded, WorldatWork will offer:
- One year of complimentary Premier Membership
- 60-day certification preparation self-paced e-learning course materials for the scholarship awarded
- One complimentary exam for each required exam for the designation awarded.

What length of e-learning access will scholars receive?
Complimentary 60-day access.

What if I am chosen as a scholarship recipient and I want to extend my access to e-learning beyond 60 days?
The scholar is responsible for the extension fee if they wish to access e-learning preparation materials for longer than 60 days.

Can I apply for a dual certification scholarship?
No. Applicants may apply for a scholarship for only one certification. However, several exams are required for multiple designations or have equivalencies. For example, Total Rewards Management (T1) is required for both the CCP and CBP designations, and it is equivalent to the GR1 exam in the GRP requirements. A scholarship awarded in one designation will advance the professional significantly toward a second and/or third designation.

What if I fail an exam as a scholarship recipient? Do I get a free retake?
No. If a scholarship recipient fails a certification exam and wishes to retake it, they will have to pay the retake fee, at the Premier member price.

What is the deadline for submitting an application?
Applications must be received during the application window which ends March 31.