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Government Affairs News Archive

Government Affairs News Bytes are WorldatWork's online bulletins about the latest Total Rewards public policy news. Capitol Hill and the federal regulatory departments are hard at work writing new laws and regulations that will affect your organization--stay informed with this timely and in-depth information.

'Repeal the So-Called Cadillac Tax': Hillary Clinton Now Supports Full Repeal of Health Care Plan Excise Tax
Oct 2, 2015
Total Rewards Issues Face New Leadership in U.S. House
Sep 28, 2015
Senate Republican Offers Bill to Address Pay Discrimination
Sep 24, 2015
DOL Announces New Pay Transparency Policies For Federal Contractors
Sep 11, 2015
Federal Contractors Must Offer Paid Sick Leave
Sep 9, 2015
Labor Board Redefines What It Means to Be an Employer, Rules Parent Companies May Be Liable for Franchises' Activities
Aug 27, 2015
SEC Approves Final CEO Pay-Ratio Rule, Effective FY2017
Aug 5, 2015
DOL Issues Guidance to Clarify Employees vs. Contractors
Jul 16, 2015
SEC Votes To Move Forward With Compensation Clawback Rulemaking
Jul 2, 2015
Obama Administration Unveils Proposed FLSA Overtime Changes
Jun 30, 2015
Win for Employers: Supreme Court Extends Same-Sex Marriage Rights Nationwide
Jun 26, 2015
Supreme Court's PPACA Ruling Means No Changes for Employers
Jun 25, 2015
Pending Overtime Regulation Changes Overshadow House Workforce Hearing
Jun 11, 2015
U.S. Supreme Court Decision Strengthens Religious Rights in the Workplace
Jun 3, 2015
Labor Department Releases Proposed Guidance for Federal Contractors on Evaluating Labor Violations and Increasing Paycheck Transparency
Jun 1, 2015
FLSA Overtime Notice of Proposed Rules Included in Release of Spring 2015 Schedule of Regulations
May 22, 2015
U.S. Supreme Court Rules: Retirement Plan Fiduciaries Have Continuing Duty to Monitor Investments
May 21, 2015
Federal Legislation Introduced to Simplify Tax Filing Requirements for Employees Working In Different States
May 14, 2015
SEC Approves Proposed Executive Pay-for-Performance Rules
Apr 29, 2015
Legislation to Repeal Tax on High-Cost Health-Care Plans Introduced in U.S. House
Apr 29, 2015
SEC Votes This Wednesday on Executive Pay-for-Performance Regulations
Apr 27, 2015
EEOC Releases Draft Rules Addressing Employer Wellness Programs and ADA Compliance
Apr 17, 2015
U.S. Labor Department Releases Proposed Financial Advisor Rule, Expands Fiduciary Definition
Apr 15, 2015
IRS Releases Guidance for Employers on How to Retroactively Apply 2014 Mass Transit Benefits
Jan 9, 2015
Job Descriptions Performance Reviews Key to ADA Cases
Sep 25, 2013
Final Rules Released Requiring Homecare Workers Receive Minimum Wage Under the FLSA
Sep 18, 2013