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Blended Learning

Leveraging a combination of independent e-learning and collaborative traditional classroom learning — you can get the best of both worlds with extras!

  • 24/7 online access provides time to work independently on course material allowing greater convenience and flexibility in your schedule and time.
  • Class discussion board allows access to peers and subject-matter expert.
  • Less interference with job responsibilities—study can be conducted outside of work hours if needed.
  • Integration of group and independent study enhances depth of education.
  • No “out of office” time needed.
  • No travel expense.

Components of Blended Learning  |  How Much Study Time Should I Plan For?
Course Duration Matrix  |  Frequently Asked Questions  |  Sample Class Syllabus
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Components of Blended Learning

All Blended Learning classes include a class discussion board, other components available within Blended Learning will vary in order to deliver the best learning experience possible. Classes may include access to components such as:

  • Live online session(s) with facilitator and peers
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Articles and/or white papers
  • Tools and templates
  • Online quizzes

How Much Study Time Should I Plan For?

Blended Learning classes can either be facilitated or self-paced. The course duration varies depending on the depth of knowledge shared within the particular class.

Facilitated Blended Learning:  These classes have a scheduled start date, may include live, web sessions, and run between 4-8 weeks [View Course Matrix].

  • The pacing is pre-defined and each week study material and activities will be communicated.

  • On the first day of class, you will be able to view the course syllabus and course book (if applicable), which will be valuable in helping you plan ahead and determining what will be expected of you each week. It is recommended that you go through the materials carefully to gauge how long each e-learning module, case studies, activities, etc. will take you each week. [See sample class syllabus]. The time you spend on the class material and associated activities it up to you.

  • All facilitated classes include a live event where students and the facilitator come together in a live online environment for open discussion on course material, answer questions, group exercises, etc. Certification preparation courses will have two live web sessions and the skill-building seminars will have one or two live web sessions. You will receive exact dates and times for the live web sessions on the first day of class. Live web sessions are scheduled between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Although these sessions are scheduled for two hours, they may or may not run that long. If you miss a web session, the playback will be available within 48 hours of the live session.

  • A discussion board will be available 24/7 to discuss class topics and exercises with other students and the subject matter expert. It’s up to you how much time you want to spend participating in discussions board conversations.

Self-Paced Blended Learning:  These courses do not have a scheduled start date. You may access course materials any time—day or night—for 60 days after date of purchase. Because it is self-paced, you define the time you spend to review the material. Similar to facilitated courses, a discussion board will be available 24/7 to discuss class topics and exercises with other students and a subject matter expert.

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